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Please read the special news below about ACBL Membership.

Click here to read about beginner bridge lessons in Kincardine starting July 15

Tom Rajnovich presently offers bridge lessons to aspiring bridge players and those who wish to improve their bidding, declarer play, and defensive play.

Lessons are also available for those who wish to learn more about bidding conventions and the convention card.

As well, "mentor games" can be run. Advice is given to improve your bidding and play during the game. Questions will be answered.

Lessons can be organized to fit your needs and level - group and individual lessons are available.

Lessons can be at your home or at the bridge school.

Tom has successfully run lessons in Port Elgin, Kincardine, Goderich, Seaforth, Bayfield and Grand Bend.

Click on "About Tom" to see Tom's qualifications and comments from previous students.

For more information, please contact Tom Rajnovich at

The mailing address for the Lake Huron Bridge School is:
204 Rich Street
Goderich ON N7A 4B5

Join the ACBL at a Discount

At the last meeting of the ACBL 249 Unit Board (the Southwestern Ontario executive for bridge players), a motion was passed to refund $20 Canadian to people newly joining ACBL to offset their first year's membership.

This means that if a new person joins ACBL, Unit 249 will send them a welcome letter with a cheque after they have joined. It will likely be about 2 or 3 months later. You must pay upfront and then when your membership information comes to the Unit a cheque will be issued. It is not known how long this offer will last.

I strongly encourage you to become members. As members, you receive the excellent ACBL magazine The Bridge Bulletin and can start to accumulate master points. You also will not have to pay the extra charge for non-members at tournaments. As well, members in this area will get a free copy of the quarterly publication The Kibitzer.

The present membership rate for new members is $29 US (about $32 Canadian). Thus membership will cost you only about $7 for the first year. Couples who join together will save a few dollars but get only one copy of the magazine delivered to their home.

The membership form can be found at Call me if you have problems completing the form.

When you complete part 1 of the membership form, please fill in the Recruiting Player Number section with my number 9071792.

When you complete part 2 of the membership form, I recommend that you join the Canadian Bridge Federation ($7.00), although this is not necessary. If you do join the CBF, you will get an excellent quarterly e-magazine from them.

Call or email me if you have any questions. As well, please let me know if you join.