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Art lives in Latties Brook, Nova Scotia, Canada with his wife, Flame and dog Charley

   You can contact him at

Latest release:

Concealed From Sight

Most people at one time or another daydream about finding a huge stash of money and speculate what they would do with it. It usually starts off with spend, spend, spend, then the reality of being discovered with someone else’s money sets in. The mind goes into overdrive trying to surmount all the eventualities.

The Bag of Money embraces and overcomes these problems in what I believe creates

   a different and interesting approach.

This dilemma faces usually honest, upstanding citizen John Lester.  While leisurely  walking through the woods with his dog, Danka, he stumbles across a  hockey bag full of money. Drug money, lost money, manna from heaven, he’s not sure which.  Should he keep it or turn it over to the police? The decisions he makes changes his life forever.

Detective-Sergeant Jim Mcdonald is back on the case with his usual dogged perseverance and drives it to what I hope you will accept as a successful conclusion.

Other Books from Art

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For Hire, Messenger of God
Art's Books For Hire, Messenger of God Caught in the Line of Fire Concealed From Sight More Hobo Stories Hobos I Have Known ebooks

These books should be available at the Halifax Regional and the Colchester-East Hants Libraries. If you don’t see them in their listings, ask.

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