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Roles in 2016-2017

Volunteers for these operational positions are elected for a one year renewable term. They are not required to attend Executive Council meetings except when requested by the President. Volunteers are vital to the smooth running of the club.

Auditors — Kay Bradbrook, Tess McGrath

Carries out an examination, correction, and endorsement of the financial records at the end of the fiscal year (31 March) to establish accuracy of these records.

The Birches Garden Co-ordinator — Diana Brown

Organises gardeners and maintenance schedules.

Cenotaph Clean-up Co-ordinator — Nora Myers

Organises spring and fall clean-ups in May and October. Does a spot check a couple days before the Remembrance Day ceremonies.

Christmas Potluck — Pearl Mailman, Adrianna Barrera-Navarro

Organises the provisions and set-up for the dinner.

Flower Show — Ria Hodgson, Diana Brown

Organises the flower show and display table at Petals and Paint.

Garden Club Visits — Jennifer Bowers

Organises the member garden tours. Calls upon members to open their gardens for this scheduled tour day, usually the Monday following our monthly meeting in May, June, July, August, and September.

Gardening Month to Month — Hannah Dunleavy

Hospitality Committee — Pearl Mailman, Alice Ferguson

Arranges members meeting refreshments (snacks and beverages). May call upon members in turn to provide snacks or beverages.

Internet communications — Bonita Carpenter, Glynis Bailey

In collaboration with the Membership Liaison, maintains the facebook page and web site.

Keeper of the Year Book — Joyce Munroe

Keeps up to date the club's binder of minutes, activities, and events with contributions from the membership and with photographs taken at events and meetings..

Librarian — Ria Hodgson

Holds and maintains the club's library of gardening-related books and magazines. Members wishing to sign out books contact the Librarian, who then hands over the book(s) at the next meeting or through other arrangements.

Nominating Committee — Alice Ferguson, Bonita Carpenter

Seeks nominations and volunteers for the Officers of the Executive Council and the various Club roles.

Photo Competition Co-ord. — Olga Kidson

Holds the photograph display board. Sets up the board and voting mechanism at members meetings. Counts the votes and announces the winner at each members meeting.

Plant Sale Co-ordinator — Alice Ferguson, TBD

Organises the volunteers to advertise, prepare for, set-up, run, and dismantle the plant sale in May.

Scotia Gardener Reporter — Cathy Connolly

Telephone Tree Caller — Mary Louise Creelman

Calls the members who do not have access to Internet-based communications with meeting or event reminders, in co-operation with the Membership Liaison.

Vesey's Order Co-ord. — Sherrian McKay

In spring and autumn, distributes Vesey's order forms to the membership. Collects orders and funds. Places combined order with Vesey's. Distributes product.

Wreath Making — Shane Doucette

November wreath-making workshop.

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