Relaxation and Motivational

          Instrumental Music

              by Rob Bauer



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Composed, Performed, and Digitally Recorded in Nova Scotia, Canada by Rob Bauer


When I am not teaching or carrying out research as a professor in Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I compose music. This CD features relaxation and motivational instrumental music which I composed, performed and digitally recorded in my studio. I dedicate this music to my parents who were both diagnosed with cancer. While my mother was undergoing chemotherapy, I sent her some of the music I had composed. She found it helpful in coping with the chemotherapy treatments by relaxing and uplifting her spirits. I was therefore inspired to write more compositions and compile them on this CD with the hope that my music may also be enjoyed by others. In honor of my parents' struggle with cancer, I will donate a portion of the proceeds from my CD sales to the Cancer Recovery Foundation of Canada.

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Rob Bauer is an independent music composer residing in Nova Scotia, Canada

and has studied piano and violin for over 30 years.


Available to compose, perform and digitally record music soundtracks

for your commercials, films, video games, animations, web pages, theatre productions, etc.



 Reflections Music Compositions are Copyright 2004-2006 by Robert Bauer  /  All Rights Reserved