Relaxation and Motivational

          Instrumental Music

              by Rob Bauer



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Composed, Performed, and Digitally Recorded in Nova Scotia, Canada by Rob Bauer

Running Time: approximately 55 minutes


                                CD Track Titles:

                                1  Reflections                                      8. A posse ad esse

                                2. Still to come                                    9. Fingers crossed

                                3. The spirit's lament                          10. Gears in motion

                                4. La vita e bella                                11. Maria of Madrid

                                5. Awakening passion                        12. Seeking the light

                                6. A walk in the park                          13. Tender memories of love

                                7. Longing of the heart


Reflections Music Compositions are Copyright 2004-2006 by Robert Bauer  /  All Rights Reserved


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