What some of Gigi's clients are saying:

Your 'Happy Pearls' necklace is the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen. ~ Alexa

I'm in love with the earrings I have from you, especially the pearls.  I am finding that I really appreciate wearing quality jewellery as I get older...and yours feels! ~Minga

Beautiful work! Friends and family are all wearing your jewellery. ~ Michelle

I absolutely love Gigi's jewellery...every time I wear her handiwork I receive numerous complements, not only on their beauty, but on their uniqueness and craftsmanship. Thank you so much Gigi! ~ Kathryn B

I have several pieces of jewelry created by Gigi, including a lovely pink fresh water pearl necklace and matching earrings, and a beautiful necklace of black hematite and white pearls. I love wearing these pieces and get many compliments when doing so. ~ Ruth

I love the jewellery I have purchased from Gigi. I have begun my own collection. Her work is unique and stunning. ~ Beverly S.

I absolutely love your jewellery. I am now a proud owner of two pearl necklaces and matching earrings which you have made. Keep up the excellent work! ~ Julie G

Your jewellery is lovely. I like how you use items from nature, like the pearls. Your handiwork will last forever! Thank you. ~ Katie

Love all your pieces. Hope to see you again sometime. ~ Sue D.

You made me a black/greenish pearl necklace with matching earrings. They are simply amazing, I absolutely love them. I get many lovely comments! The craftsmanship is outstanding, the quality is superb and the result is an extremely satisfied customer that will be back for more. Thanks for the smiles Gigi! ~ G. Baird

I Love your jewellery!! The silver and pearl set you made for me and the special pearl and turquoise bracelet you made for Rachel's baptism is beautiful! I have received so many comments on them! Thank you so much! The quality of the stones and the craftsmanship is unequalled. ~ Ginny D.

You rock! I'll definitely be back for more. ~Robert

I met you this past weekend and purchased a beautiful hematite and silver set. It looked great with my outfit that I wore to a wedding. Thank you. ~ Karen

I have a pink fresh water pearl necklace from Gigi. The word "pretty" isn't good enough to describe it. It is very special and I get a lot of compliments on it. I love it! Thank you. ~ Margaret S.

I love having Gigi as my very own Rocket Scientist. Your stunning Sapphire "Piece de Résistance" necklace is on my wish list.  ~M.

I bought a beautiful pearl necklace from you six months ago and put it on every single day. I now need matching earrings :). ~Fiona

I bought all my daughters and myself jewellery for Christmas from you. ~S. Hughes

I travel a lot, to many countries with work and I buy jewellery for my wife from all over the place. Your work is very special. It really stands out. ~Greg

Your designs are unequalled. ~Suzanne

Your jewellery is just exquisite! ~Alyce

I just got back from a wonderful trip to Nova Scotia. When I visited Halifax’s art gallery shop I found your necklace with the cream-coloured pearls. I was captivated by it – and no wonder, it is simply exquisite. Quite a few years ago I was editor of a fine craft magazine, where I developed a keen appreciation for the handcrafted. I just say this to let you know I’m sensitive to the care you put into choosing each pearl and into the freshness of the design. I love the way the pearls are flat and the way that allows them to lie around the neck. Honestly, I would never have thought of spending money on pearls, never. But that necklace is so subtly imaginative and aesthetically delightful. It’s luminous.... I would love to have a very simple pair of earrings to go with it. ~Anna


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