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Who Are We:

Welcome to the web site for the Brigus/Cupids/Georgetown (BCG) United Church of Canada Pastoral Charge. The BCG Pastoral Charge serves the communities of Brigus, Cupids, Georgetown, and Roaches Line. Churches are located in Brigus, Cupids, and Georgetown. We hope that our internet presence will be an inspiration to you and that you will find the material presented informative and useful. 

Our Staff:

Clergy:                                        Vacant* 

*Please note that the Rev. Brian Colbourne will be covering emergencies for Brigus-Cupids-Georgetown pastoral charge during the month of September.  His contact information is: (709)  596:6754 (Church) or (709) 596:6137 (Manse).


Organists:                                    Mrs. Lena Payne and Mr. Albert Norman

Choir Director:                            Vacant

Male Choir Director:                   Harold Clarke

Mission & Service Enthusiasts:    Daphne Spracklin - Brigus 

                                                    Ivy King - Cupids



Contact Persons                            Effie Roberts, Brigus

for Scripture Readers:                    Beverly Forward, Brigus

                                                     Daphne Wells, Cupids

                                                     Albert Norman, Georgetown


Our Churches:



Our Ministers:


Former Ministers:

Rev. John Percy: 1804-1819

Rev. Thomas Hickson: 1819-1822

Rev. John Haigh: 1822-1824

Rev. Richard Knight: 1824-1827

Rev. Wm. Ellis: 1827-1829

Rev. John Boyd: 1829-1831

Rev. John Haigh: 1831-1832

Rev. George Ellidge: 1832-1834

Rev. George Pickavant: 1834-1837

Rev. Ingham Sutcliffe: 1837-1838

Rev. James Hennigar: 1838-1839

Rev. John McMurray: 1839-1842

Rev. John Pickavant: 1842-1843

Rev. Wm. Faulkner: 1843-1846

Rev. John S. Addy: 1846-1849

Rev. John Snowball: 1849-1852

Rev. W.E. Shenstone: 1852-1855

Rev. John S. Phinney: 1855-1856

Rev. Samuel W. Sprague: 1856-1858

Rev. Thomas Smith: 1858-1861

Rev. Adam Nightingale: 1861-1862

Rev. Thomas Harris: 1862-1865

Rev. W. E. Shenstone: 1865-1868

Rev. John Waterhouse: 1868-1871

Rev. John S. Peach: 1871-1872

Rev. Thomas Harris: 1872-1875

Rev. Charles Ladner: 1875-1878

Rev. Joseph Pascoe: 1878-1881

Rev. Charles Ladner: 1881-1882

Rev. John Goodison: 1882-1885

Rev. James Dove: 1885-1888  

Rev. Henry Lewis: 1888-1891

Rev. John Pratt: 1891-1892

Rev. W.T.D. Dunn: 1892-1895

Rev. James Wilson: 1895-1898

Rev. George Paine: 1898-1903

Rev. Jebez Hill: 1903-1904

Rev. James Nurse: 1904-1908

Rev. Samuel Snowdon: 1908-1912

Rev. R.H. Maddock: 1912-1916

Rev. C.A. Whitemarsh: 1916-1917

Rev. William Swan: 1917-1918

Rev. Oliver Jackson: 1918-1923

Rev. Charles Lench: 1923-1930

Rev. Ezra Broughton: 1930-1940

Rev. L.A.D. Curtis: 1940-1943

Rev. F.H. Guy: 1943-1945

Rev. S.R. Cooper: 1945-1948

Rev. R.N. Rowsell: 1948-1958

Rev. Roland Wells: 1958-1981

Rev. Russell Small: 1981-1987

Rev. Neil Newbury: 1987-1991

Rev. Bernice Spracklin: 1991-1996

Rev. Harvey G. Harris: 1996-1997

Rev. Mr. Graham Cook: 1997-2002

Rev. Mr. Sheldon LeGrow: 2002-2004

Rev. Mr. David Guzzwell: 2004-2005

Rev. Elsie Pottle: 2005-2007

Rev. Mr. John Davis: 2007-2010

Rev. Mr. Chris Andrews: 2010-2012

Rev. Mrs. Nancy Mojica-Fisher: 2012-2013



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"A Souvenir of the Brigus Methodist Jubilee of the Opening of the Church: 1875-1925", by Charles Lench, Pastor 1925:    http://ngb.chebucto.org/Articles/brigus-methodist.shtml

United Church of Canada:    http://united-church.ca/

Newfoundland & Labrador Conference:           http://www.newlabconf.com/

Church Locator:                 http://locator.united-church.ca/

Town of Brigus:            http://www.brigus.net

Cupids 400th Anniversary Celebrations:    http://www.cupids400.com/

Cupids Historical Society:    http://www3.nf.sympatico.ca/cupidshistorical/chs.htm

Brigus United Church Births 1879-1987     http://ngb.chebucto.org/Parish/brigus-birth-2-pdg.shtml

Landfall Trust:    http://www.landfalltrust.org/

Newfoundland 1921, Brigus:    http://ngb.chebucto.org/C1921/21-brigus-pdg.shtml

Newfoundland 1921, Cupids:    http://ngb.chebucto.org/C1921/21-cupids-pdg.shtml

Newfoundland 1921, Georgetown:    http://ngb.chebucto.org/C1921/21-georgetown-pdg.shtml

Newfoundland 1921, Grefus Nest:    http://ngb.chebucto.org/C1921/21-grefus-nest-pdg.shtml



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