Remember the Alamo

Brian Sanderson

Every night I do my hour on the stationary bicycle. You know how it is, when you get to a certain age, body tuning becomes mandatory for pumping the cholesterol around. Pedal, pedal, pedal, flick through the TV channels to catch a bit of news, in between advertisements, and what did this little piggy see?

This little piggy saw the latest incarnation of the leader of the late-great Liberal Party of Canada, Professor Michael Ignatieff. The good professor says he can't support an extension of Canada's military mission in Afghanistan. Or at least that's the short version, the long version has a whole lot more Professorial waffle: "The devil is in the detail. How many troops, for how long, in what role, with what allies, with what mission?"

For crying out loud! Well, I am crying out loud. Our member of parliament, the Right Honourable Scott Brison, invites frank debate at his upcoming Town Hall Meeting (Saturday November 13, 10:00 a.m. downstairs Kentville Town Hall 354 Main St. Kentville). Why wait until Saturday?

Look, everyone knows the answers to those Ignatieff questions. They're the same idiot questions that have been hanging in the breeze ever since the Liberals blindly lead us into the Afghanistan quagmire!

The issue has nothing to do with this or that detail. Harper said we were folding our hand at the Afghanistan casino and now he's dealing cards from his cuff. Of course, we knew he would. What bugs me it that the Liberals are playing the same card game. Obviously, none of them have yet learned that which was always blindingly obvious: occupying Afghanistan was a dumb idea. Dumb, dumb, dumber, and dumbest.

No bull, if a bunch of Saudi citizens hijack your jets and plough them into your skyscrapers then you have a goddam right to be pissed off as hell. When the leader of those numb-nut fanatics thumbs his nose at you from his Afghanistan hideout, of course you're going to thump the bastard. When a fanatical fundamentalist religious regime gives you the finger, you bet you are going to shove it right up their nose. But that's not what happened.

Instead of punishing the bastards, George Bush, in all his wisdom, decided to occupy the joint. Now that might have made some sense if there was anything worth occupying. Heck, the trouble makers are Saudi's; Saudi money and Saudi Wahhabism. It may have made some sort of malevolent sense to occupy Saudi Arabia and take all their oil. It's been done before. Remember the Alamo! A bunch of Mexicans shot Davy Crockett so General Sam Houston marched right in and took Texas for the Americians forever after. Now that was a military mission with a payoff. But occupying Afghanistan? Why?

Well, there are all types of people with all sorts of reasons. Some think to use our soldiers to do social work. You know, law and order, good governance, and liberate the women. Worthy goals but don't expect that you will get any return on your investment --- other than resentment. Nobody likes outsiders butting into their business. I suspect that Mr harper just likes the idea of flexing a bit of military muscle. Trouble is, he flexed, and, well, Chinese Rear Admiral Yin Zhuo was so impressed that he's thinking of taking over our arctic.

So where does that leave professor Ignatieff? Well, it seems that the professor is stuck in an endless loop of what-if-this-or-that. Never mind, Scott will follow him to the ends of the earth --- or at least until the next leadership spill.

Frankly, there is plenty room for many different opinions about Afghanistan. What I really can't accept is that any sentient being could have a weak wishy-washy non-opinion after all that has gone down in Afghanistan. Harper and Ignatieff, they're like peas in a pod. Neither says what he means nor means what he says.