Dear Alexandra,

There is nothing offensive in your talk. With education and opportunity, almost everyone can figure out that it is a choice of quality of life vs numbers of lives. If they can't figure it out, it's probably because they have been brainwashed. There are many propagandists promulgating false arguments out there. Like:
  1. Population growth is required to grow the economy. Yes, increasing population is the most easy way to increase GDP. But, in our presently overpopulated world it actually reduces the per capita GDP. Thus, we see bankers (and Canadian politicians) constantly propagandizing for population growth… but if we believe them, we will be the ones who suffer while they luxuriate.
  2. Population growth is stabilizing, so don't worry. No it isn't. It’s still growing --- and quality of life is declining for most people. To do nothing is the same as saying, let it stabilize when our children are totally destitute.
  3. Here in Canada, there is not a single politician who will address the issue of overpopulation --- except to boost it! Not one worth voting for!
  4. Many religious groups are very much pro growing population. The reason for their attitude is clear, it's the easiest way to boost their following --- number of followers equaling wealth and influence for the religious leader. It's a power trip. But, if I recall Genesis correctly, the instruction was to "fill the earth". Obviously, the earth is way past full of human primates. So some religious leaders --- like the Pope --- have put their interests ahead of the "god" that they purport to serve...
  5. The political leaders of many nations shamelessly seek to grow population using baby bonuses and the like. The most evil example was Peter Costello, the chief population pusher of Australia. Much to their discredit, subsequent politicians have simply followed his lead like former PM Kevin Rudd, a man who "actually believes in a BIG AUSTRALIA". So, while you may not have offended anyone, I certainly hope that I have --- because there are many population-pushers out there, and they are really POVERTY-PUSHERS. And I certainly think that they deserve to be named, shamed, and offended.