Believe it or not: Another True Story from Nova Scotia

A spokesman from AltaGas walks into the bar at the CBC Information Morning Show and says: "Salt from the Alton Gas hole-in-the-ground will be swept out to Minas Basin and into the Altlantic Ocean. And this will happen twice a day".

Honest! I couldn't make this stuff up.

Obviously AltaGas people don't know anything about oceanography. Here's lesson 1.01: the tide goes out and then it comes back in. The salt is swept out and then it is swept back in.

It's a couple of hundred kilometers from the AltaGas dumpground to the Altlantic ocean. According to AltaGas, the salt is swept out twice a day. Do the math. These dipsticks are telling us that the current speed is more than 30 km/hour.

Nope, what really happens is that the tide sweeps stuff back and forth and there is mixing along the way. The overall effect is mixing. Us oceanographers call it the shear-diffusion effect.

Mr AltaGas-bag went on to tell us how the natural gas was "sustainable" and "clean".

Honest! I couldn't make this stuff up.

Sustainable? It's fossil fuel, you lying AltaGas-bag arsehole. Fossil fuel is not "sustainable". Hubbert figured it out a long time ago. Also here.

Clean? Nope each natural gas molecule has a carbon atom and burning it makes carbon dioxide. Ok, you get a bit more energy per unit carbon dioxide than you would with coal or petroleum. But the whole idea of this AltaGas-hole-in-the-ground is to:

I don't know what sort of juice they serve up at CBC's Information Morning bar but it must be some pretty mind-bending stuff. Information Morning sucked up AltaGas swill without question and sprayed felchings all over Nova Scotia.

Tell the truth. This natural gas is from fracking and just because the fracking is done somewhere else doesn't make it "clean". Fracking methane is a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. In Australia, Jeremy Buckingham set a river-load of this "clean" gas on fire.

On queue, the government scientists in Australia chant: "The gas was natural, nothing to do with fracking". Well, what else would they say? After all, those scientists get a good chunk of their funding from the fracking industry --- and they know damned well that their masters in government are obsessed by growth at all costs and they know even more damned well that nothing fosters faster growth than flaming fossil fuel.

Meanwhile, our boy-wonder tells us: "Climate change will test our intelligence, our compassion and our will. But we are equal to that challenge." Video here. Believe it or not, our Liberal overlords just sent me an email that says: "We believe that protecting our environment and growing the economy can and must go hand in hand."

I don't believe it.