Mr(s) Politician and the Evidence

I see that Billary Clinton is mouthing the popular political platitude about "making decisions that rely on evidence"

Most people are so poorly educated that they really don't know physics from phyction. Our entertainment industries have demonstrated that phyction is much easier to sell --- that is the empirical truth that all politicians subscribe to.

Billary also tells us about her desire for "every child to be able to reach for her God-given potential,"; I ask you, where is the evidence that God exists? Which brings me to another disappointing thing about Billary; (s)he pronounces hisher idiocy as though it belongs to the female fraction of our species. The idiocy properly belongs to both male and female...

Who would have imagined that Hillary and Donald Trump were so similar? Both make their own sex seem stupid.

So let me get away from the big-name political personalities and propose a more general hypothesis: Politician's only subscribe to evidence when it serves their interests.

I'm not about to make a proper study to evaluate evidence for and against this hypothesis. Educated readers can probably think of many examples where politicans have dismissed what seems to be an inconvenient truth or capitalized upon what seems to be a convenient fiction.

Rather, I'll make a couple of very broad observations. First, there are very few politicians who have come from the ranks of "hard science": that is to say branches of science where science really does provide accurate answers. The difficulty that a hard-scientist has in politics is well illustrated by this little story related by Richard Feynman.

On the other hand, one does find more than a few lawyers in politics. That's because law is mindless, it's just whatever the most powerful in-group says it is. For the same reason, they are often business people.

Politicans love economics --- because economists can be relied upon to never be able to discern sense from nonsense. Politicians also love social "scientists" for exactly the same reason. For the same reason, religion will really get a politican up and dancing.