It's time for the Gods of our Economy to save Bombardier

Bombardier is in trouble. They have already passed Go and collected a billion from the Government of Quebec. Now they are sniffing around Ottawa, looking for billion-dollar droppings from our newly-minted Federal Government.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is not amused.

Never mind. The Economic Gods are going to solve all our economic woes. All we need to do is sign the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Hang on a minute. What about all those other trade deals? You know, like the one that Brian Mulroney gave us. Ah, those were the days...

Goodbye high-paying manufacturing jobs, hello cheap labour in Mexico. Lower costs means more money for our captains of industry! Bay Streat Bankers fairly creamed their pants.

I guess we should all be thankful that our underemployed and lower-paid workforce became more "competitive". That must have been of some help for Bambardier?

So now we have Bombardier in trouble. I guess they made the mistake of not moving their workforce offshore!

So what are we to do? Sign another free trade deal? Pigs arse!

It'd be nice of the common worker to bail Bombardier out. If only the common worker hadn't already been thrown under the bus of cheap foriegn labour; if only the tax burden hadn't already been moved from corporation to plebeian; perhaps then the ordinary man might have been more inclined to toss in a few more bucks to help.

So what are we going to do? If Bombardier goes tits-up, it's not good for the working man.

I'd suggest that those who have gorged themselves on free trade should be the ones to set things right. The Banks run multibillion dollar profits every quarter, recession or not, and celebrate by casually disposing of their employees.

I say that it is time to introduce a gluttons tax on the Financial Pirates. Tax the bloody banks. It's time for them to give back so that ordinary Canadians can have a few, just a few, decent jobs.