The Liberal Party of Canada will increase carbon emissions

Dear Minister McKenna,

Thank you for your 24 November 2011 correspondence. Your opening statement

"Children born today aren't responsible for climate change."
briefly reassured me that the Liberal Government of Canada might have some concept of cause and effect.

I was also heartened to hear, on CBC Radio, that you and Justin Trudeau, as well as all the Premiers, invited scientists to advise you at your meeting. Being a scientist myself, I wondered what advise they gave you?

Thus far, the policies of the Governments of Canada seem to be to increase population, increase consumption (GDP), tax carbon and invest in green technologies. Did those scientists explain to you that:

Here are some scientific truths that I predict that your carefully selected scientists didn't tell you: Of course they didn't tell you such things. Any scientist who said such things would simply not be invited to your policy pantomime. After all, such inconvenient facts make a mockery of the following Liberal Party policies: Minister McKenna, you say to me:
"It's not just the federal government and provinces and territories that must rally together before we all head to Paris. It is all Canadians."
Minister, I have already done my part to protect the environment and enable a higher quality of life for future generations. My wife and I have limited ourselves to one child. (Many responsible Canadians have made the same choice.)

Unfortunately our effort has not only gone unappreciated, it has been subverted by all political parties. So, Minister McKenna, when you ask:

Please add your name to stand with the Prime Minister and Premiers heading to COP21 -- and tell them you're ready to do your part to fight climate change.
I reply:
If I were to agree with you, we'd both be wrong!