Clock Park

by Brian Sanderson

It's good to sprawl in the snow and listen. Listen to the wind blowing through the trees. It whistles through deciduous wood and wooshes in the tops of firs. The brook tumbles steeply over stones. I am captive to the melody and splendor of natures raw designs, comforting and familiar yet infinite in their variation. Nature has laws that cannot be broken and yet they make so much possible.

The University woods are a fine place to be. Never mind the mud and the dog shit, it's frozen. No, it's bullshit that bothers me. Expensive bullshit. Clock Park. Too many thousands have been wasted on your ugly plasticized design. It's a place "designed by the people who will use it", they say. Who will use it? Will they pay the $200,000 for construction? Why spend such a fortune to so poorly imitate what nature makes for free? Clock Park, I have no stomach for you. Your Euclidian geometry reeks of petty control and bylaw. You look too much like your creator.