A Triple-D Cluster Fuck

Building upon Michael Dadswell's erroneous Opinion Editorial, Heather Desveaux, and Darren Porter have brewed up a right-royal cluster fuck.

Dadswell is billed as a retired professor. He promotes the view that an Open Hydro turbine is "just as lethal as the Annapolis turbine". This is patent nonsense. The Annapolis Royal turbine has a relatively small cross-section and generates an order of magnitude more power than the Open Hydro turbine. Anyone who understands even elementary physics will also know, therefore, that the pressure forces are very much higher for the Annapolis Royal Turbine.

Indeed, the Annapolis Royal turbine is driven by a pressure head that is created by a tidal barrage so it is a totally different thing from the OpenHydro turbine which just sits in the unconstrained tidal stream. I suspect that most fish would take the option of just swimming around an OpenHydro turbine --- whereas the barrage at Annapolis Royal makes a fishes life much more difficult.

The correct approach is to make measurements and compare turbines in a quantitative fashion. Sensible comparisons can be made, with a little intellectual effort. Seems some university professors avoid mental exertion after they retire.

Heather Desveaux brilliantly illustrates the intellectual level that we have all come to expect from "professional" journalists. No fact checking. No critical thought. No knowledge. Peddle the lies and distortions.

Darren Porter is a fisherman. He has asked many questions of Professor Anna Redden and I know that Anna has spent a good deal of time trying to address those questions. Darren Porter crosses a line when when he speaks of Anna:

Fishermen worked with her on all her students' research projects on their own time and for free, but then when it was we who had questions to ask, she refused
First, he was paid when he worked with Anna's students. Perhaps Porter is confusing Anna with other professors who behave differently? Second, as mentioned above, Anna (and myself) have tried to communicate relevant science to Darren Porter.

It is my habit to meet with Anna for a glass of wine after work on Fridays. One Friday, Anna didn't show up so I wandered to her office and walked in on a telephone conversation. I listened to one side of a long conversation in which Anna was answering questions from another fisherman, Colin Sproul. Subsequently Sproul ramped up a nonsensical media blitz. Obviously Sproul learns nothing unless it comes from the double D team: Darren Porter and Michael Dadswell.

Heather Desveaux has written a story about Darren Porter's failed efforts to have someone else organize a public forum for him. She reports:

Porter and other fishermen's associations have said proponents will only meet with them quietly in coffee shops.
Well, the record thus far is that fishermen's associations have no interest in having their questions answered. They ask questions and dismiss and distort and misrepresent the answers. Then they bad-mouth the people who took the trouble to talk with them.

Fishermen's associations seem to have confused a public forum with a public flogging.