Never mind the quality, feel the size!

David Brooks has been writing false facts in the New York Times. His premise is that the USA must have immigration in order to grow its economy.

Sadly, economies all over the world (not just USA) are being optimized in the sense of making the economy a big as possible... "Look how big my country is!" It's infantile...

I'm for optimizing economies in the sense of making them congenial for people. You know, those strange two-legged primates that are reputed to be "intelligent". No, not optimized for big banks and stock exchanges. No, not for military machines. For real people.

A congenial economy is one where we just don't do jobs that are not worth doing...

The size of an economy will only be maximized when most people are effectively reduced to slavery. That is where the likes of Brooks would lead us... And the strange thing is, most people seem happy to go along for the ride. Is it a lack of intelligence? Or are people gambling that they will be the slave owners and someone else will be their slave... Whichever, it's not dignified. It's not befitting an "intelligent" species.

Is it possible that humanity has diverged? I propose a name for the new species, Economo erectus