Egypt must disobey President Morsi

The Associated Press article (From lacklustre to leader, CH June 25) reports the new president of Egypt saying,
"If I don't obey God in serving you, you have no commitment to obey me."
The laws of logic require that if the above statement is true, then so is its contrapositive. Thus President Morsi is saying that
"If you obey me then I will obey God in serving you."
So God rules if everyone obeys! Thus, in order to avoid a theocracy it will be necessary for the people of Egypt to disobey President Morsi.

What the self-censoring Canadian media won't tell you is that:

Muslim Brotherhood President-Elect said in May, "We will work together to realize their dream of implementing sharia".
Say no more.

Actually, there is a gawdawful lot more to say --- look here