It's the Stupid Economy, Stupid

Bill Clinton famously said,
It's the economy, Stupid.
No, I say,
It's the stupid economy, Stupid.

GDP is the number that every politician must worship. Of course GDP is a stupid thing to worship. But those who would pretend that they can solve the worlds problems by inventing a new economic metric are just as foolish as any politician ever was.

You can talk about "people before economics" or whatever, but material well-being is job number one, unless you already have it in abundance. GDP does make some people happier. It makes big banks happier, the property developers happier, and big multinational corporations happier and their political flunkies happier and their media stooges happier.

GDP is the predominant indicator because it is advantageous to those with the most power. This is the crux of the matter. We know who is the economy for!

The most easy way to increase GDP on an overcrowded planet is to grow population. Of course, on an overcrowded planet, the economy won't grow as fast as the population and that makes most people less well off. But a few, the top echelon, those who have power through economics or religion or politics or other skullduggery, they gain an advantage. It is the powerful few who control the messaging agenda, always has been, ever since Octavius and before. That is why GDP is the predominant metric. That is why advocacy for population growth is common place whereas advocacy for reducing population is "taboo".

Forget about GDP, it's just a sideshow issue. Control population and most people will be better off --- no matter what metric you use to determine "better off".

Of course, then there is the story about "Mrs Fisk" which I heard on the CBC Radio. Her husband wanted to stop at 4 children (reasonable man). But Mrs Fisk said she had a dream and she was in heaven and all her unborn children reproached her. So there you have it --- the power of the unborn, glorified by the taxpayer-funded CBC. The Canadian Government using our money to fund religious ideology and ensure the interests of the powerful by promoting the ignorant!

Well, if we can't have a sane world, let us at least have satire.