Three cheers for Abe!

Three cheers for Abe! Abe's a real man. He's not scared of population decline.

Indeed Abe does go on to talk about stabilizing Japan's population at 100 million. That is still a very large population for a small chunk of land.

But let us cheer because even a sliver of sanity is better than the insane nonsense that was recently flopped out like a stinking fish on the CBC TV program "Power and Politics".

There were were informed by Assistant Professor Ian Lee that the problem with the Japanese economy was "not enough babies". It was all presented as fact, the interviewer wisely nodding agreement. Well, that is also the policy of the present Government of Canada — and CBC knows who butters their bread.

"Population growth to grow the economy" is the official policy platform of the Justin Trudeau Liberal Government. Minister McCallum leads the charge! Even the much reviled Stephen Harper was not so brazenly aggressive on that matter.