Town Hall Meeting with Scott Brison, Canning Fire Hall, 6 June 2015

Last Saturday morning (6 June 2015) I stumbled along to a Town Hall meeting with our MP, Scott Brison. It was a familiarly gray crowd. Scott was about the only boyish face in the crowd. (No insult intended to the perennially young ladies present.)

Attendance was pretty good, for a 10 am start. There was space for many more at the Canning Fire Hall although more may have caused a cookie shortage.

There were handouts to document how the latest Liberal Party plan would put money into the pockets of middle income families. Ever faithful to the dogma of special-interest-serving economists, the formula was simple: more children, more money.

Scott regaled us with a story about Justin asking the advise of economists. The economists began with the disclaimer that they would limit themselves to advise that was politically acceptable. Apparently Justin put them at ease, saying: "Just give me the best economic advice, I'll figure out the politics."

If you find this story to be a little rich then it might be because you are neither blind nor deaf. The simple fact of the matter is that economists are constantly engaged in the business of shaping political opinion in order to better serve the interests of their banker masters.

From the start, Scott made his pitch for growth. Apparently this shuffling of money to middle class families (with children) was going to drive Liberal quantities of economic growth. Scott said he believed in endless growth. So we know one thing for sure, the Liberal Party of Canada is not paying any attention to steady state economists.

On the other hand, Scott values evidence and thinks that scientific innovation is important for growing the economy. This brings us to an odd fork in the Liberal Party mindset. Every scientist knows that a real quantity cannot grow forever; saturation is always observed. So how come the LPC policies are founded on the principle of boundless growth? Perhaps they are victims of the Julian Simon School of economystery? Or is it just more convenient to believe endless growth than confront hard truth? So much for science...

Our politician's seem to think that some scientist can innovate a solution for every problem that has been caused by the practice of unrealistic economics. They don't seem to understand that scientists only discover the laws of nature. Scientists can't change the laws of nature for the convenience of politicians and economists.

I fear that our politican's have watched too many movies. Science is different from science fiction...