Megan Leslie (MP) Blasts Halifax Port Authority

Thursday 18 June 2015: Information Morning program on your CBC greeted me with an investigative report by Jennifer Henderson into another one of your Goverment owned monopolies. This time they are sliding their endoscope into the bowels of the Halifax Port Authority.

The professional journal, Containerization International hands out awards and your Halifax Port Authority has made it onto the short list in two categories:
Corporate Social Responsibility Award
Port Authority of the Year
Before all you Haligoonian's start dancing on the wharf, your CBC and Megan Leslie have some important information to share with you.

CBC tells us that the Port Authority has done some nice green things for visiting ships, like hooking them up with electricity so they don't have to run their carbon-spewing generators. Megan Leslie isn't just NDP orange, she also gushes green. Your Port Authority gets a green light for being a finalist for the Corporate Social Responsibility Award.

Things got hairy when attention turned towards that nomination for Port Authority of the Year. Sadly for your Halifax Port Authority, dockside business has been contracting.

The now-or-never, Ivany-Report has spoken to us. Growth has been elevated from political fantasy to religious imposition. Thou shalt grow or you will be tied to the stake and consumed by orange flames. Megan Leslie seethed, other ports have grown but not Halifax! What gall for such losers to think that they should be Port Authority of the Year!

Jennifer Henderson reports that Halifax Port Authority will blow $6,300 for a table at the awards ceremony. Megan Leslie prefers to bilk Canadians with an expensive ticket to Edmonton so she could play political footsy with Tommy Mulcair. Of course these are trivial costs, in the big scheme of things. We blew $24 million to audit a few Senators who merely misplaced a million bucks. Does anyone dare to guess how much more will be wasted on RCMP investigations and legal proceedings?

I don't blame Halifax Port Authority for the downturn in their business. World population has grown to a point where Earthly resources simply can't sustain good growth for everyone. It's a zero-sum game. Some will win, others must lose. The real crime is that the Port Authority blew $64 million to expand a business that had already reached its zenith. That's bad growth.

The Port Authority is a bit-player when it comes to bad growth. Last I looked, the Provincial Government had racked up about $15 billion of debt. Most of that debt was obtained by trying to grow when no good growth was to be had. Growth? We can't afford it anymore!

Our politican's can't think past growing the GDP. Do they even know what it is? Probably not. It just lumps everything together, good or bad it's all the same to GDP.

I correct myself. Politician's are also dedicated to growing population. Tom Mulcair calls it sustainable growth. Nope, it can't be sustained. Continued population growth is the fundamental cause of poverty and war.

Megan Leslie spouts concern for the environment and demands growth. That's nonsense. All environmental impacts increase with population.

For the persistent demand of unachievable growth and for reckless disregard of the limitations of a full planet; I commend Megan Leslie for faithfully following the ideology of a cancer cell.


Being Green

Oh it's good to be green. Never mind that most of that electricity was probably generated by a coal-burning power plant. Or perhaps some small part of it was hydroelectric. And we know how our ecosystem gets turned on its head when the waterways are all dammed up. A wind turbine might have generated a tiny bit if winds were favourable and turbines functional on the day. Just as well we have all those fossil-fuel burning automobiles to justify the laying of bitumen --- otherwise how would we afford to make, install, and maintain wind turbines?

Green is a curiously blind colour...

Negative Growth

Growth-obsessed hominids with underdeveloped prefrontal lobes view a decline in shipping as some great calamity. Cetaceans would welcome a break from the noise we make. Who's up for another oil spill? Or perhaps we'll flush out a few more invasive species with the bilgewater. Another step forward towards a clean, green economy in our "ocean playground".

Shipping has always been a dirty business.

Megan set sail on the good ship GDP
To grow the economy for you and me
Oozing smells of every sort
She soiled her way from port to port
Perhaps we might be able to support a few more manufacturing jobs if all that shipping wasn't undercutting us with crap made by slave-labour in China and Bangladesh.

Our Halifax Port Authority has already begun the negative growth celebration by bringing in a bunch of foreign interns!

Good Growth

Good growth is the sort of growth that makes us all better off. It makes us well. Thus we say that good growth increases wellth, it enhances our lives, gives us freedom, diminishes insecurities, and generally elevates human well-being.

Bad Growth

Bad growth diminishes human well-being. It makes us ill --- that is to say that bad growth causes illth.

Great growth of the slave business certainly increases the wealth of slave traders and slave owners. GDP goes up! It's all taxable and therefore good from a governments point of view. It also depresses the value of free labour which makes it a lot more easy for nations to recruit soldiers for warfare.

But slavery does not generally elevate human well-being so it's bad growth. Regardless of whether we are talking about slavery in the ancient Roman Empire or a 19'th Century British penal colony or a modern-day sweatshop --- it's bad growth.

Growth of the sugar industry is another GDP success story. This stuff is an addictive drug, far worse than coffee. It fiddles with your hormones so the more you eat the more you want. I call it hormonal enslavement. Now we've got a Tim Horton's on every street corner but that is only the beginning of sugars GDP bump. Sugar makes people fat and diabetic, and wrecks their joints and rots their brains. Little wonder there has been so much GDP growth in the so-called "Health Care" Industry. This sort of growth we can ill-afford.

Inflated property values increase GDP but that is just another way to enslave most of us and make our lives more difficult.

Then there is the advertising industry which specializes in growing GDP by the art of deception. That's bad growth growing bad growth.

Finally we have the single most important part of the growth industry, Government. Ignorant economists have bamboozled politicians into believing that growth is forever. Too bad that the good growth is all gone. Sadly our elected "representatives" have become both propagandists for bad growth and the enforcers of bad growth.

With better words

"Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell."
--- Edward Abbey, The Journey Home: Some Words in Defense of the American West