Will you vote for torture?

Dear Mr Harper,

Your rose in Parliament and said:

"This is a report of the United States Senate. It has nothing to do whatsoever with the government of Canada."
The report documents that people are tortured by the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States. Any sentient soul would have already known that --- unless, perhaps, they have been hiding under a rock for the last decade.

Canada is one of the Five Eyes group of nations, fine company indeed. Canada is joined at the hip to the secret intelligence agencies of USA, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Canada cannot disown the foul behaviour of the CIA nor that of governmental creeps and cretins who employ the CIA.

Mr Harper, you are an employer of the CIA. You employ your own secret service goons and they work with the CIA. You use the foul products obtained by the CIA and you use them in the name of all Canadians. You are complicit in torture and you drag Canadians into your cesspit. Not me.

It matters not one jot whether the intelligence obtained from torture is useful or a waste of time. It is wrong to torture. It should be a crime to torture.

But it seems that it is not a crime to torture because those responsible for torture are let off the hook:

Sovereign Nations are granted immunity,
Powerful people behave with impunity.

Vic Toews used to be your foot-soldier for torture. He argued for torture by asserting that it would benefit Canadians. Editors of the Chronicle Herald joined with Vic. I did not.

Eventually Vic resigned and slithered off, dragging his fat pension behind him. I no longer subscribe to the Chronicle Herald.

There will be an election soon. Do you think that there will be any Canadians who will vote for a torturer? I hope not.