David Suzuki speaks truth, power bullshits back!

David Suzuki had the temerity to suggest that it is not beneficial to further populate Canada. Well --- given the lowish natural birth rate in Canada --- you'd have to say that David is simply restating the majority view!

Meanwhile, our political lord and master, the late-great Minister for Immigration, the monster of multiplication and maximization, Mr Jason Kenney has responded by calling David Suzuki a "xenophobe"!

It seems that anyone who breaks with the religious maxim to "fill the earth" will be villified. Of course, Mr Jason Kenney is the Popes man!

In a globalized economy, it is the total human population that matters most.... and that is why "the poor will be with us always" (ref. JC, not JT), because resources and technology are insufficient to enable 7.2 billion people a decent standard of living --- let alone some privacy and basic freedom from the excesses of bullshit-pushing governments!

Poverty, ecosystem degradation and extinction of our planetmates --- all these scale with human overpopulation.

I suggest that Jason Kenney should move to Bangladesh if he can't stand the lack of crowding in Canada.

A missive from the Population Institute of Canada

Ottawa - July 18, 2013

Environmentalist David Suzuki recently said that Canada is full and our immigration policies are crazy. Former Immigration Minister Jason Kenney responded by tweeting that Suzuki's views were "toxic & irresponsible" and "stridently anti-immigration."

Population Institute Canada (PIC) asks: Is it really irresponsible or "anti-immigration" to state that Canada is full, or to question whether accepting 250,000 to 500,000 newcomers (immigrants, temporary foreign workers, refugees, students) each year is in our best interest? Many see Canada as empty due to its large surface area. Yet 90% of us live within 160 km of the US border... because most of Canada is unsuited to human habitation. In fact, much of the southern part of Canada is very densely populated.

The following may help explain why Suzuki says Canada is full:

  • Less than 7% of Canada's surface area is suitable for agriculture, 52% of its best (class 1) farmland is in Ontario and 20% of Ontario's class 1 farmland had been converted to urban use by 2000; farmland is also being rapidly lost in all other provinces;
  • groundwater used by 10 million people is threatened by misuse and contamination from urbanization, energy production including the oil-sands, agricultural intensification, and other development and population growth factors;
  • the ecosystem of the Great Lakes Basin, home to over 40 million North Americans, has been seriously degraded by urbanization;
  • population growth drives habitat loss and in Canada almost 700 species are at risk;
  • over 90% of the wetlands have been drained in densely populated southwestern Ontario;
  • in 2008, the Ontario Medical Association said air pollution was causing 9500 premature deaths each year.
According to PIC President Dr. Madeline Weld, "The controversy over David Suzuki 's remarks provides an excellent opportunity to consider whether we are 'full', how we should define 'full', and just what an optimum population for Canada might be. Starting such a discussion would be far more productive than name calling. And, if it led to a population policy for Canada, so much the better. PIC sent a proposal for a population policy for Canada to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration in 2001."

Population Institute Canada invites our new Immigration Minister Chris Alexander to take a fresh look at Canada's unwavering --- and never seriously examined --- policy of driving population growth through immigration and to initiate a rational discussion in which "ordinary Canadians" (the real, albeit unacknowledged stakeholders, of this policy) are consulted. PIC believes Canadians are more than ready for such a discussion.

A "full Canada", the view from 1812

Last year, the Canadian Government trumpeted, with much chest-thumping, our great victory over the USA, some 200 years previous. Now the year is 2013 and 200 years ago was not so auspicious. But we will get to that in due course, first we must back track to the 17'th century.

Our story begins at New Mexico in 1680 when the Pueblo Indians thoroughly thrashed their Spanish overlords and introduced many thousands of horses to the nomadic tribes on the great plains of North America. The Indian horse culture exploded onto the scene as a most efficacious way to exploit the great herds of Bison.

Although the numbers of plains indians were never large in the view of city-dwelling Europeans, we can be quite certain that their numbers quickly grew to "fill those great plains" with as many horse-riding hunters as those plains could sustain. Indeed, each tribe continuued to try to grow it's population with the inevitable consequence that tribes were frequently forced to fight over finite hunting territory. Hunting and warfare ensured there were many more women than men. Polygamy was the norm. A good life for those tribes which could hold their ground and for those warriors who survived. A life worth fighting for.

In May 1804 President Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark to traverse the continent. By September 1806 they had mapped the way for a new people, farmers fleeing the privations of overcrowded Europe. In 1809 General Harrison diddled vast tracts of land from the Shawnee Indians. Chief Tecumseh was furious

[The land] belongs to the first who sits down on his blanket or skins which he has thrown upon the ground; and till he leaves it no other has a right.
Tecumseh opposed the land grabs. In response, General Harrison killed his twin brother at Tippecanoe in 1811.

To obtain land for his people, Tecumseh joined the British/Canadians, capturing Fort Detroit, doing more than his fair share to win the much ballyhooed war of 1812.

1813 found Tecumseh still fighting General Harrison in the battle on the Thames River, which flows into Lake St. Clair. Major-General Henry Proctor, his British/Canadian ally, had fled from the battle

[like] a fat animal that carries its tail upon its back, but when frightened it drops it between its legs and runs off.
Tecumseh bravely died in battle.
Our lives are in the hands of the Great Spirit. We are determined to defend our lands, and if it is his will we wish to leave our bones upon them.
Where they fought is now filled by the Canadian/British. The Thames River has three dams and forest has been cleared for agriculture and other development. Such manufactured landscape is antithetical to the aspiration of the noble Chief. Ultimate victory did not go to the brave horse-warrior, it went to those flabby British/Canadians who had the technology to fill the earth with the greatest number.

It takes only a small number of horse-riding bison hunters to fill the American plains. But the plains will accommodate a great larger number of European farmers before they become filled. So the the American Government slaughtered the bison, this being an efficient way to starve Indians off their horses and onto reservations. Genocide by ecological devastation.

Bison didn't know about the Canadian border, the herds migrate, the slaughter was all but complete. This made it all too easy for Sir John Alexander Macdonald. His passive crime of racist neglect was about all that was required to starve aboriginal Canadians off the Canadian prairie. White farmers soon filled the emptied land. It was a major milestone for Canadian smugness.

Shame! Starvation was Canadian Government policy long after the land was stolen. As for the Americans... Americans well reward military thuggery. General Harrison went on to become President Harrison, but only briefly, falling victim to his self-aggrandizing inaugural excesses.

Is Canada Full Now?