It doesn't compute because the dumb-arses can't compute

I was delighted on Wed 4 Nov 2015 to hear CBC's Information Morning air the "Does not compute" letter that Jean Cameron had written to the Chronicle Herald. To quote Jean:
Can someone smarter than I explain why I am reading in successive days?
  • Nova Scotia needs thousands of immigrants.
  • Nova Scotians returning from Alberta can't find work.
  • There is a critical shortage of affordable housing.
  • We can't keep our young people.
So, no work, no housing: how do we keep these thousands of newcomers? Only asking. Perhaps there is a cunning plan?
CBC has been proselytizing for increased immigration, ad nauseum. So it wasn't surprising that they interviewed some Religious Minister to answer the question.

Mr Religious Minister seemed to think that immigrants were needed to run the construction industry. Beats me why a person born in Canada can't do that? Mr Religion went on to explain that immigrants were needed for farm labour. Heck, it seems to me that Mr Religion is all about importing people to drive down the cost of labour. Ah well, I guess that having more poor people makes us competitive with the third world...

The Pope says: "Religion sells better to poor people!"

Jean Cameron has hit the bullseye. Beneficial growth has come to an end because the world is overpopulated. Sure BAD growth continues: more government debt, monetization of things that used to be free, increasingly unaffordable housing and so forth.

In a full world, resources are limiting, for every winner there is a loser. In a full world, growth is uneconomic. More population means more poor people.

A rich society is one where there are far more resources and far more jobs than the people need. There is plenty for all and most of it is for free! Lousy jobs that do need to be done become well paying jobs.

On the other hand, a rich plutocracy can always benefit by using immigration to lower the cost of local labour and by exporting jobs to sweatshops in grossly overpopulated nations.

Welcome to globalization in an overpopulated world!

The Ivany Report brilliantly mistakes the problem for the solution. Sadly, it seems that only a few of us can see that the King is naked!

So why is it that the Ivany Report is widely cheered by media and politician's? Perhaps it's because they need to take their shoes off to compute past 10.