Published CH, Nov 6, 2011.

John Cooke was the visionary who first recognized poverty as a cause of crime, and he was the first to suggest a national health service (in 1647). Yet still we vote for governments that accept structural unemployment at the core of their economic model! Indeed, none of the candidates at the last federal election offered a viable alternative. Voters can be forgiven, therefore, for electing a government whose primary plan of action is to do business as usual and put more people in prison. Do prisoners get counted in the unemployed statistic?

B.A. Blaney ("Make a difference" CH Nov 3, 2011) tells the Occupiers to "get jobs, pay taxes and vote in the next election." Whether the Occupiers voted or not is entirely unproven. As for getting a job, well that is the problem! Whatever their failings may be, at least the Occupiers understand that there is a problem, which is more than can be said for many of their critics.

Brian Sanderson, Wolfville