Royal Regalia

Well there they are, the Royal Mammaries. (It's the most flattering picture that I could find.) Leer if you can see them, jeer if you can't. Of course, it's a massive invasion of the Royal Privacy. And the Royals have the luxury of immense wealth and power, which they are presently deploying in full measure to cover up their Royal Parts. *

Dear Kate, to the death, I defend your freedom to display your wares in whatever way you please. There is nothing more important than freedom. But, Dear Kate, you represent a Monarchy, which is to say, the presumption of rule by one... Being a Canadian/Australian/New Zealander, I am Royally-Ruled three-times-over. Is that your idea of freedom?

Of course privacy is important too. So why do your Royal Canadian Mounted Police keep-and-disclose private information that prevents ordinary folks from obtaining employment and crossing borders. Perhaps you Royals should be more careful about where you post your Royal moniker?

While we are on the subject of privacy, please consider the surveillance legislation that Her Majesties Canadian Government would like to deploy in order to control us misbehaving subjects. Such weighty matters make your breasts look rather insignificant.

Look, I don't ask much of a Monarch. Just a resignation.

We can keep Parliament (I guess) and let them do their thing, concocting pin-head legislation. But instead of finalizing matters with a Royal Assent, let's put the legislation to a direct vote by the people.

I stand for a mans right to walk butt-naked onto his back deck and discharge both barrels of his shotgun! Similarly, for whatever it is that a woman might like to do. Good luck to anyone who snaps a photograph and publishes it on the web --- frankly, I don't give a damn, m'dear.