Dear Kelvin,

I read with interest your recent parliamentary speech in which you note the large numbers of Kiwis migrating to Australia in recent years. You go on to suggest that such migration should be capped. As a Kiwi-Australian (and a Canadian), I have to agree with you, albeit reluctantly and with a heavy heart.

Let us remember that New Zealand was a participant in the 1890's Confederation Meetings that culminated with the formation of Australia as a nation. Indeed, the New Zealand delegation never quite ruled out the notion of being a part of Australia --- nor did Australia ever quite rule out having them! Back in those times, it would have been somewhat artificial to draw a distinction between New Zealander and Australian. Our great bush poet carried his swag in both New Zealand and Australia! And so it has been for my family --- for four generations, our family has had a connection with both Australia and New Zealand.

If the people of New Zealand and Australia had been left to decide their own fate --- both nations would have stabilized their populations at levels far lower than present. Back then, both nations were characterized by respect for freedom and an aspiration for a better quality of life. The people of Australia and New Zealand reduced their reproductive rates (without coercion). In short, they voted with their loins, opting for quality of life rather than shear numbers. In such circumstances, there would be plenty for all and no need to restrict individual freedoms --- as they are so severely restricted nowadays.

But people are not the organic masters of their own fate --- not when political matters come into consideration. There are a selfish minority (banks, realestate agencies, the local chamber of commerce) who can obtain a short term gain by growing population. The long term effect is overpopulation and poverty for the majority --- but an advantage for the few. Such special interests have always had a controlling interest in media-messaging and in determining political outcomes (think no further than Rupert Murdoch).

Politician's in both Australia and New Zealand have gone down the path of aggressively growing population by immigration. The New Zealanders and Australians of the present day have few blood ties to those who were New Zealanders and Australians at the time of Confederation.

Sadly, I must agree with you Kelvin, trans-Tasman immigration is getting as out of control as immigration in general. Heaven forbid that a similar percentage of Australian's should one day decide to move to New Zealand!

Kelvin, one day, I hope that other politician's will have your good sense and your considerable courage. Then the populations of nations might come into balance with having a smaller number of people living higher quality lives. Then people will naturally get their freedom back, including their freedom of movement.

I don't see any reason why there should not be a free flow of people between nations where natural population growth has fallen below replacement. In short, if we control population then we don't have to fear an external horde. The freedom of the people will reclaim rightful priority over nation states. This is the natural state for our species when we are not overpopulated.

Nations which continue to grow their populations will inevitably become aggressive and/or sink into a pit of despair and pie-in-the-sky religion. We must speak truth to such nations and help them as we can --- but this does not mean that we should open up our borders and be over run by such selfish breeders.

Yours sincerely,
Brian Sanderson