Dear Kevin,

Thank you for your invitation to participate in an online forum of about "reforming Canada's immigration system" (your letter is copied below). I was too overcommitted to participate at that time. Also, immigration is not a minor matter and I did not feel as though your forum was an adequate format for presenting my analysis of the issue. Consistent with the spirit of your forum, I will ask you some questions in view of your capacity as Liberal Critic for Citizenship and Immigration. Along with my questions, I will present my analysis and invite you to ask questions of me and present your analysis. In the spirit of WikiLeaks, I will hold back nothing, no secrets.

QUESTION 1: Isn't anyone who argues against our policy of wholesale immigration a racist?

I have long been interested in the relationship between human population and human well-being. Surprisingly Dick Smith has had an epiphany on this matter --- previously when I have forwarded this link I got the response that "this guy must be racist", so surprise me... Shortly afterwards, I listened to Anna Maria Tremonti interview Dan Murray on CBC Radio. Dan Murray was representing the view from Immigration Watch Canada. To say that Dan Murray got short shrift from Tremonti would be a gross understatement. Talk about getting the second degree and being constantly cut short! Tremonti then interviewed a gentleman speaking in support of our massive immigration program. Well, Tremonti was all sugar and spice. No impertinent questions to ferret out the obvious contradictions in that man's testimony.

QUESTION 2: How can we discuss wholesale immigration policy without first determining the best population for Canada?

Frequently I read a media release from some pet economist in the employ of a bank. They always advocate for higher population. Similarly, the local Chamber of Commerce and Real Estate agency will always advocate for higher population. Such businesses see population growth as being the easiest way to grow their market and increase their wealth. Yet it is clear that humanity has "filled the earth" and per capita resources must diminish as population grows. The arithmetic works like this. Increasing population by 10% increases the banks business by 10%. Unfortunately, resource limitation ensures that population growth diminishes everyone's well-being by 1%. The more equal pigs are still 9% better off but the less equal are made more poor.

Politicians also wish to grow the population, perhaps because they falsely associate population growth with wealth. GDP growth is the key metric that politician's and economists wish us to worship. And the easy way to grow GDP is to grow population. This is a nonsense. The simple fact of the matter is that per capita GDP (adjusted for inflation) falls when there are too many people and politician's insist upon further adding to the population.

During the last Federal Election, the Liberal Party (and others) made a song and dance about spending some $100M's on affordable housing. What a total nonsense when put in the context of bringing in another quarter of a million immigrants every year! Property values rise because of excessive demand by excessive population growth. That is why Canadians are being forced out of their own housing market. The real estate agents get rich. The bankers get rich. The politician's continue to promote a lie!

Politicians, economists, bankers, real estate agents (land sharks), and your local chamber of commerce all push their selfish agenda's by using the great grey lie.

Another great myth is the skills shortage. Canada has been busy importing medical doctors to fill a shortage that was deliberately caused by politician's --- Liberal Politician's, to boot! Our children should have been trained for such jobs. It is outrageous to poach doctors from the poor nations who often paid for their training. Canada should have been training doctors for the poor nations!

So what does the typical Canadian think about population? Well you don't need to do an opinion survey. Canadians have voted with their loins. Canadians have reduced the size of their families. In so doing, they have made a choice to optimize for quality of life rather that mere numbers of people.

If you go to some backward country you will find plenty of ignorant, testosterone-charged men who want to father 10 or more children. (Osama bin Laden fathered more than 20. Never mind the quality, feel the quantity!) Invariably, such cultures treat women as mere property, broodstock. Our politician's have betrayed us by importing such backward-thinking mongrels! Instead we should be educating these people about how population growth has become the fundamental cause for their poverty. In the case of our aboriginal peoples, this latest wave of immigration represents a double betrayal and a denial of duty.

My point is that optimal population depends upon what you wish to optimize. Presently we are growing population so that only a small portion of the population will have an optimal outcome. Doubtless, if Canada had a population that was 10 times larger than the USA and China then we would be the ones pushing them around --- but only a sadomasochistic lunatic would prefer such a state of affairs!

I have written a considered opinion about population in the Australian context. Much of that document could be adapted to consider the population of Canada.

QUESTION 3: Why do politician's never acknowledge that the primary cause of environmental degradation is excessive population?

I have lost count of how many times I have heard Stephane Dion advocating for all things green. He, like so many, seems to be fixated upon carbon-dioxide and climate change. He uses this as a tool with which to blame others (mostly Conservatives) while he jets around the world to various talk feasts --- never mentioning that the fundamental cause is excessive population. Like all Liberal politician's, Dion is for our wholesale immigration program --- yet the evidence is very clear that per capita CO2 emissions increase dramatically for people living at higher latitudes. The hypocrisy is palpable.

I am a scientist and I understand radiation and the CO2 molecule. My analysis shows that atmospheric carbon-dioxide has increased because of the increasing number of people on this planet. Further, my analysis demonstrates that it is delusional to think that we can solve the problem of environmental degradation without first solving the problem of excessive population.

QUESTION 4: Why do Canadian politician's always advocate for increased population?

In my view, this question is the root of all evil. Perhaps it is because politician's are committed to religious ideology which directs humanity to grow their number and fill the earth? Seriously, nations are like religions, they are compelled to grow their numbers so that they can dominate others. (Thus we have the absurd notion that China is more powerful than New Zealand! No, China is just a bigger bully.) In truth, politician's also wish to grow their numbers for the same reason --- so that their point of view can also be the dominant point of view.

The triumph of numbers over reason has ensured that politics has remained a stagnant backwater and has greatly diminished human well-being. Science is the singular branch of human endeavour in which nonsensical numbers do not dominate over reason. That is why economists like to pretend that they have the legitimacy of science --- they do not! Political science is an oxymoron.

So we see that politician's are fundamentally concerned with expanding their tribe --- even when reason says STOP! They are wedded to growth. There are exceptions, and even a Prince can sometimes speak honest sense.

QUESTION 6: What is the relationship between population and poverty?

In the 20th Century, scientific/technical/organizational advances have enabled us to better access and use resources. However, population has exploded, offsetting the advantage won. I urge you to read "Why Big Fierce Animals are Rare" by Paul Colinvaux. This book --- and Fates of Nations: a biological theory for history --- builds the empirical case for an ecological law of poverty, viz. Poverty is caused by population growth in excess to available resources. Colinvaux wrote his books more than 30 years ago. The big picture of our world is evolving as predicted.

Max Born, one of the great physicists of the early 20th Century, published: "My Life and My Views" in 1968. Born was a physicists physicist and deeply committed to humanity and civilization. On page 120, Born writes:

Science and technology will then follow their tendency to rapid expansion in an exponential fashion, until saturation sets in. But that does not necessarily imply an increase of wealth, still less of happiness, as long as the number of people increases at the same rate, and with it their need for food and energy. At this point, the technological problems of the atom touch social problems, such as birth control and the just distribution of goods. There will be hard fighting about these problems...

We are now balancing on the crest of peak oil production. Population continues to grow at 80 Million a year. It's going to be nasty. There are things that we can do to minimize the suffering but religious/political/business/economics/social "thinkers" prefer the truth to be as they prefer rather than preferring to accept the truth as it is. This is the problem, we have far too few people capable of staring down the real world, eyeball to eyeball.

QUESTION 7: Can Canada alleviate poverty in other nations by increasing immigration?

No! It takes too much energy to keep a human alive through a Canadian winter. Canada can help by setting a good example --- stopping its population growth before its population becomes totally excessive. Canada can help by speaking truth and sense. Exporting commodities also helps.

Interestingly, those who most actively promote excessive immigration seldom use the argument that they do so for the benefit of the rest of the world. Typically they sell the fairytale that massive immigration is required for the benefit of Canadians...

QUESTION 8: So what does Brian Sanderson think about immigration?

Well, first I think that there are a good many nations that could have stabilized their populations by now if it were not for the many foolish things (immigration being only one) that politician's do. So I would speak truth to the plutocracy and demand that they stop playing their self-serving games.

I don't see any reason why there should not be a free flow of people between nations where natural population growth has fallen below replacement. In short, if we control population then we don't have to fear an external horde. The people can take priority from nation states. This is the natural state for our species when we are not overpopulated.

Nations which continue to grow their populations will inevitably become aggressive and/or sink into a pit of despair and pie-in-the-sky religion. We must speak truth to them and help them as we can --- but this does not mean that we should open up our borders and be over run by such selfish breeders.

Yours sincerely,
Brian Sanderson

A letter from Kevin Lamoureux

Brian --

Today, August 2, from 7pm to 8pm ET, you're invited to join me online for our second live interactive Critics Corner webcast.

On the agenda are reforming Canada's immigration system and the Conservatives' ideological changes to our immigration system. This is your chance to ask me any question you want in my capacity as Liberal Critic for Citizenship and Immigration.

There's no RSVP required, just click this link a little before 7pm ET and join us on - then follow the link to submit your question.

I would like to get your input on how you feel Canada's immigration system should be reformed and what changes you would like to see to make Canada a stronger and more productive nation.

I would also like your feedback on the Conservatives' shutting the door on family reunification, pushing the delete button on Canada's skilled worker program, how well the provincial nominee program is performing in your home province or territory and your thoughts on the Conservatives' cuts to refugee health care.

Over the next few months, I will be traveling across the country holding immigration town halls to talk to Canadians about our immigration system. I would like to first get your valuable input.

Liberals understand how to build and strengthen a nation and have a strong history in doing so. Let's start today with new ideas that will keep us on that path.

Please click here to be a part of this important discussion. Join us later today for our Critics Corner at 7pm ET.
Thank you.
Kevin Lamoureux
MP, Winnipeg North
Liberal Deputy House Leader and Critic for Citizenship and Immigration