Myall Lakes Hydrodynamics

'Animated' Jpg'
  • Movie shows nutrients discharged from upper Myall River.
  • Red is high nutrient concentration.
  • Blue is low nutrient concentration.
  • The movie shows snapshots from a model simulation at intervals of 6 hours.
  • Note, the lake has been rotated by 45 degrees for the model simulation.

Myall Lakes are on the east coast of Australia in New South Wales. There are four major basins in Myall Lakes:

  • Bombah Broadwater
  • Two Mile Lake
  • Boolambayte Lake
  • Myall Lake
that have restricted connections.

Bombah Broadwater is connected to the ocean by Lower Myall River (LMR) --- a narrow channel about 24 km long. Upper Myall River (UMR) drains into Bombah Broadwater.

  • 60% of the catchment drains into Bombah Broadwater,
  • 30% into Boolambayte Creek,
  • 10% into Myall Lake.
Myall Lakes have many unique hydrodynamic features and this results in the ecology of Myall Lakes being distinct from other lakes in coastal New South Wales.
The channel at Bombah Point is narrow but relatively deep. Most of the time Bombah Broadwater is well-mixed in the vertical. On rare ocassions when Bombah Broadwater briefly stratifies shallower water to the east of Bombah Channel prevents any deep saline water from moving up-lake. The channel at Violet Hill is narrow but deep. During prolonged dry periods saline water sometimes penetrates into Boolambayte Lake at depth. A broad shallow sill to the east acts as a gravitational barrier preventing deep saline water from entering Myall Lake.

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