Rick Moran thinks stinks

I'm always amazed that those who are the least technologically savvy and most scientifically challenged are also the most willing to bet on some innovative solution to the problems caused by population growth...

By way of example, Rick Moran says:

The problem with these Malthusians is that that they utterly fail to take into account technological change and innovation. If global warming is the problem they say it is, humans won't stand around waiting to fry or drown.
Strangely, it never occurs to the likes of Moran that if we stopped making population messes, we might be able to put innovation to work to make life better rather than just (barely) keeping "heads above water".

For the record, Malthus was not predicting some future doomsday. He was looking at the many people who lived in poverty during his time. He predicted (accurately) that the physical sciences were primed to greatly increase production for the benefit of people. He also predicted (accurately) that the advantages won would be obviated by population growth and as a consequence there would still be a large number of people living in poverty.

Most of the people who write about Malthus have either never read what he wrote or have been incapable of comprehending what he wrote. The pity is that we teach the likes of Moran to write when they have no inclination to read and no ability to comprehend.

Moran is oh so delightfully close to MORON…