Murder in the Senate

Dear Mr Mulcair,
I caught your interview with Evan Solomon just before taking the dog for a walk in the woods. There's nothing like walking with wild beasts in the woods to get the blood pumping. Perhaps it's all that peaceful greenery, but I found myself overcome with immaginings of feeding Mr Harper to the coyotes. In the real world, I'll have to leave it to you to pick his political bones clean --- the Liberals proving themselves to be as disinterested as they are ineffective on the issue of corruption of our political assemblies.

Let me be frank, I totally distain Mr Duffy. Mike Duffy stood out as a media personage who earned his credentials by strategically sucking political dick. The unforgivable obscenity, however, was that Mr Harper rewarded Mr Duffy with a plush posting in the Senate.

The crime --- I call it that --- was for Mr Harper to install Mr Duffy as a Senator representing a province in which he did not reside. Of course, Mr Duffy could have refused the offer. But a compass must point North and a glutton will partake of tempting platters when they are so kindly offered. Who can accept the right of Harper to make this appointment and then blame Mr Duffy for being confused as to which was his primary residence? Everything that followed, flowed from the crime committed by Mr Harper. But the crime that Mr Harper committed had long-standing presidence. Before Harper, Prime Ministers (Liberal and Conservative) all appointed Senators to represent "The Party" --- nothing at all to do with "The People" --- as well you know, Mr Mulcair.

The issue of where Senators reside is so clouded by political obfuscation that Deloitte couldn't figure it out! Well, if the premier auditing company is confused, we should expect the likes of Mr Duffy to be desperately dumbfounded. So, Deloitte threw the matter back to the Senators to resolve. Being loyal representatives of Mr Harper, the Senators duly sacked the poor old Duffer.

Why those Conservative Senators turned so hatefully to cannibalize their own, I do not know. They could have just weighted [sic] for him to gain a few more pounds of lard and suffocate to death under his own wobbling mass. But I guess that would not satisfy the Prime Ministerial timetable. Too many Liberal Senators, who can hardly dislike Duffy more than me, lacked the spine to defend due process and sat on the sideline while Conservative Sharks threw any hope of fairness into a bloody unjust feeding frenzy.

It was a bad day for justice. But Senator Wallin was wrong to say that it was a bad day for Democracy in Canada. The simple fact of the matter is that there is NO DEMOCRACY IN CANADA. There never has been any democracy in Canada. Democracy began in Athens around 550 BC and thrived for a couple of centuries before being brutally bludgeoned by Alexander of Macedonia. Never to rise again in any nation state.

The best that Canada can do is hold elections to select "Representatives". These "Representatives" will never meet the people who voted for them, let along those who failed to vote for them. I doubt that there is a "Representative" in all of Canada who would even be capable of knowing my view, let alone representing it! Experienced, thinking voters (and nonvoters) know full well that these "Representatives" only represent the interests of their "Party" and the plutocratic/religious sponsors. The Senate is then appointed by the Prime Minister. While this may seem far removed from "The People", it is no more far removed than the legislation and governing agenda --- set entirely by "The Party", and the plutocratic/religious sponsors. Undemocratic legislation is duly approved by "Representatives" in Parliament and then by senile Senators in our "Representative-Selected" Senate. From there legislation goes to get the approval of a "Representative" of a foreign potentate (who is also Queen of something called the "United Kingdom" and the head of an obnoxious religion that was inspired by the odious moral principles of Henry the 8th).

I do not care about this or that representative in this or that political institution because I know that none of them will ever represent me. So Mr Mulcair, get rid of Mr Harper if you can. Crush the Liberals if you can. Get rid of the Senate if you can. Get rid of the Queen and all her Knighted Representatives. And give us democracy. In this electronic age when a billion electronic votes can be moved around the Earth in a minute, give the people democracy. Let the people have the final vote on all legislation.

Give us democracy. Mr Mulcair, prove that you are a better man than that power-hungry thug from Macedonia!