Zia Khan goes crying to the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission

The story in a nutshell

Who knows whether Mr. Jamal is an innocent or just lucky to slip off the hook.

I don't know, time will tell.

What should be patently obvious, is that the cartoon is no more nor less than a direct reflection of:

  1. The appearance of Ms Jamal (remarkably photographic, for a cartoon).
  2. The presumptuous statement made by Ms Jamal.
  3. The uncontested activities of Mr Jamal.
If Mr Khan wants to interpret the cartoon as reflecting upon the wider Muslim community, then Mr Khan disgraces those whom he purports to represent. The cartoon is about Ms Jamal. Mr Khan would do better for his community if he simply disowned Ms Jamal.

The only Hate Crime here is the hateful way that the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission wastes Tax Payer money on witch hunts. Let us pick up our pitchforks and get rid of these lame-brained bureaucrats.