Freedom from the oppression of the Chinese Communist Party

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was awarded the Olympics with an understanding that this would lead them to improve their record on human rights. Events in Tibet serve to highlight that the CCP just does not get it. Some of the purile nonsense that the CCP uses to justify itself is beyond belief --- unless you factor in the possibility that CCP can't even comprehend freedom.

So should we boycott the Chinese Olympics?

I say no because:

Instead of a boycott

Of course, the IOC expelled Tommie Smith and John Carlos for their protest at the 1968 Olympic Games (Mexico). If the IOC has not got the fortitude for a freedom salute, then make them expell everyone who loves freedom.

Let us not squander the opportunity. Remember the Berlin Olympics? They were the greatest-ever propaganda machine for the Nazis --- German athletes taking many medals with polite applause from the rest of the world (with a handful of courageous exceptions). The International Olympic Committee and freedom-loving governments of the world must support protestation of the CCP thuggery.

The recent arrest of 18 protesters at the Olympic torch-lighting ceremony in Greece leaves one wondering. Greece was conquored and occupied by Nazis --- and brutally suppressed, Didn't the Greeks learn anything? Have the Greeks really given up on freedom and democracy?

Never mind the Greeks, a search of the IOC website gave
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So both the IOC and Greece have yet to demonstrate their "freedom credentials". With appologies to G.W. Bush --- you are either for freedom or against freedom.