There are none so blind as those that are Green

One hears a constant chorus from Green Groups about this or that environmental disaster that is caused by carbon dioxide or whatever else happens to be fashionable for the day. These blathering boneheads are out to nail the carbon footprint but never stop to count the feet. I am heartily fed up with green nitwits and politicians who adopt the attitude that we should crowd ever more people onto this planet and offset the effects of that crowding by the "green strategy" of requiring each individual to live a diminished life style with diminished resources and ever more oppressive regulation and bureaucracy.

Furthermore, the "green strategy" is bound to fail. The reason becomes clear when one examines the historical record in the context of what we have learned about ecology (see: Paul Colinvaux, The Fates of Nations). Let me be clear, excessive population causes:

The "green solution" is simply part of the problem and can only make things worse. Of course, the Green Religion will profit.

The Greens are, at best idiots for not understanding the nature of the problem, or, at worst, hypocrites for assiduously turning a blind eye to population.