Pruitt and the Other Deniers

A 9 March 2017 Forbes report tells us that:
Environmental Protection Agency director Scott Pruitt said that he does not believe that carbon dioxide is a "primary contributor" to global warming, in part because he says that "measuring with precision human activity on the climate is something very challenging to do."
The Forbes story goes on to draw attention to the well-known interaction of the CO2 molecule with radiation and mumbles something about complexity. But Forbes did not actually demonstrate that Pruitt was wrong because it did not demonstrate that humans caused atmospheric CO2 to increase.

I'd suggest that human population that is the fundamental contributor to increased atmospheric carbon dioxide. Look at the plot. CO2 goes UP as human population increases...

Global temperature has a lot of variability --- but a reasonable person would say there is an upwards trend... Nevertheless, I say that Pruitt is less wrong than a climate activist who denies that population growth is the fundamental driver.

Most politician's (including many who get rave reviews from "progressives") are population deniers. Same applies for the commercial media, be they left-leaning or right-leaning or portray themselves as straight-up-and-down --- none of them could lie straight in bed.

Needless to say, Forbes makes no mention of population...

As for our Justin Trudeau. You know, the guy who went to Paris and got climate activists so excited that they wet their pants with joy. Well, now he's punished us with a carbon tax and at the same time he's doubling up benefits to people who make babies and he's driving immigration-powered population growth faster than Ferrari with it's arse on fire.

And the very latest, Justin is wowing the oil merchants of Texas. Yes, down in Tex-Arse, they love Justin. After all, the ONLY thing that Canada is any good at is getting Americans (and Chinese) to dig all that fine Canadian oil out of the ground.

As Justin would say: "We need that population growth to drive up GDP. And we need those Texans to dig up our oil and make us all rich, rich, RICH! Then, when we have enough GDP, then we will save the environment!"

Three cheers for Justin. And three cheers for all the other overpopulation deniers!