Why Things Aren't Getting Better

* In humans, colour vision is trichromatic. The Red, The Green, and The Blue are more than adequate to represent the full spectrum of Canadian unreality. One wonders, do we really need The Orange as well?

The high-muck-a-muck media types add their own layers of obscurantism and pundits filter the noise into standardized dogma. Heaven forbid that someone might actually assemble an independent thought!

There has been a lot of nonsense going around lately. But don't worry, you don't have to visit your local Doc to be injected with an anti-bulldust vacine. Read on...

Green delusions

I couldn't help but overhear a snippett of Stephanie Domet interviewing Elizabeth May about that old chestnut, climate change. It seems that Liz had just jetted back from hob-nobbing at the Warsaw Climate Change Conference, 2013. Our Liz was a shade of outraged Green at being uninvited from the Canadian delegation. Always the opportunist, Liz took the consolation prize, Climate-Change propagandist for Afghanistan.

Apparently the Warsaw chin wag was a bit of a fizzer. It obviously made Liz green around the gills and got her spitting Blue bolts of indignation about the great carbon conspiracy. According to Liz, we have the technology to replace carbon-emitting energy sources with Green technology and the only thing standing in the way was the great Blue conspiracy. Stephanie Domet dreamingly declined to demur, always the perfect host, keep those questions polite and trite.

Better than oil? You know, that stuff that is found in large pools and conveniently transported in liquid form. A barrel of the stuff is the energy equivalent of 23,000 hours of human labour. That's labour by real men! Oil powers us and has been the means to double human population again and again and again.

If Liz really knew of replacement technologies that could do the job better then she would be wasting her talent doing politics! And that's the truth. Liz is a politician and she does not know. Being Green does not mean that you can remake the laws of nature so that they better suite your ideology! No Liz, you are NOT a Green Goddess! Sort of reminds me of the Stalinist theory of genetics...

Blue delusions

Now the boys in Blue know the value of a barrel of oil. Drill baby drill. Dig those tar sands, dah. More oil, slobber.

Grow dat population so we can dig better, dig deeper, and grow dat population.

The Bible says to be fruitful and fill the Earth. It will never run out until The Rapture!

Red delusions

We of the Red are practically perfect.
We follow the best scientific advise,
And our pet scientists agree with us.

We believe that endless growth
Is the path to bountiful tax
Which fuels our munificence.

Canadians were not productive.
So we imported cheap labour
To pay tax and vote for us.

Canadians wouldn't have enough babies
So we imported even more cheap labour,
Blessing Canada with youth unemployment.

We are balanced in the Center,
But still as green as the Greens
And as fiscally blue as the Blues.

We don't need The Rapture, we are The Rapture.
Our method is endless population growth
And endless resources and equal opportunity for all.

Orange delusions

The Orange struggles to carve out a delusional identity of its very own. Dissolution of The Senate? Cry baby politics?


Modern humanity began about 200,000 years ago --- that's two ice ages! For almost all this time we were hunter gatherers. We were pretty good at that, evolved to do it so to speak. In the game of ecology and evolution, if you're not doing well most of the time, you don't last 200,000 years. Only the most "civilized" mind would not to appreciate that hunter gatherers were the original affluent society.

"Civilization" had its origin when warming climate blessed us with local areas that were so productive that some groups could abandon the nomadic lifestyle. Agriculture flourished. Settled people can reproduce faster. And they did, inevitibly overextending local resources. Growing population was necessary to ensure that your community had the best chance of conquering the neighbouring community, enslaving them and subsuming their land.

Those Romans knew how to build an empire. In ancient Rome, couples were taxed extra for NOT having children.

Nowadays the "civilized" world does not tax couples more for not having children. Instead tax is reduced for couples who do have children. Some advanced nations, like Australia, even pay school girls to drop out and have children! Augustus would approve.

The population strategy of "civilization" mandates that most of the time most of the people will suffer privation punctuatated by martial violence. During the time of Empire, the average lifespan was less than 20 in the city of Rome. Much later, things got even worse in the city of London, until the invention of technologies that could put fossil fuels to good use.


The Empires of the modern world still passionately promote population growth. The world is full. Empires skirmish but mutually assured destruction prevents real warfare. And so resources become limiting.

Every problem that is caused by population is attributed to something else, like climate change.

In this world of lies, the majority must suffer. The favoured few make sure to look after themselves, inequity is most kind to them. The poor turn to religion --- pie in the sky --- and the ruling class finds that convenient.

The wise know better but they were always a marginal few.

Post civilization politics

"Civilization" has run it's population-growing course. We can do better.

We have had 200 years of unprecedented technological development but population growth continues to undo every advantage won. That is why things aren't getting better.

The people of Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Europe etc, stopped growing their population a generation ago. Those populations would be stabilized were it not for population pushing by politician's and the plutocrats who jiggle their strings and bamboozle with self-serving propaganda.