Following Heinberg on Trump and Steve Bannon

The advent of Trump and the rise of Steve Bannon have inspired Richard Heinberg to write a very interesting article. Heinberg says:
I'm referring to a lie that is leading us toward not just political violence but, potentially, much worse. It is an untruth that's both durable and bipartisan; one that the business community, nearly all professional economists, and politicians around the globe reiterate ceaselessly. It is the lie that human society can continue growing its population and consumption levels indefinitely on our finite planet, and never suffer consequences.
I totally agree. Only I would add the mainstream media and a few others to the list of dickheads who think "That population can grow forever".

To that list of liars, I would add the Trudeau Government. Only they extend the lie to also say that:

Population growth will make the economy better!
And then there's the CBC; that mindless and echo chamber.

Now the Trudeau Government calls itself "progressive" and, of course, the CBC anoints itself as being both "enlightened" and "progressive". From where I sit, I don't see "progressives" as progressing to anything different from where the "conservatives" would take us.

The likes of Steve Bannon are not the cause of the problem. They're just a symptom.

Bannon is the runny shit you just had. The E. coli infection that caused him was an intravenous infusion from the political mainstream.