Strange Stem Cell Stuff

Bertrand Russell

Hmm, Robert Lanza tops the list for "Stem Cell Person of the Year". Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the same Robert Lanza who pushes his theory of biocentrism... The conventional scientific view would be that the laws of biology are emergent from the laws of physics and chemistry. Robert Lanza promotes the reverse view. If Robert Lanza is correct, we better all watch out. He might re-program some stem cells to change the laws of the physical universe.

Now if time could be reversed, it would help my arthritis. But would such cures fall within the jurisdiction of the FDA?

It would be a fantastic ethical dilemma for Leigh Turner to contemplate. (Medical tourism in the temporal domain! Heck, fodder for Doug Sipp, a contender in a previous year.) I'm sure that Pope Francis would be intrigued by the religious implications. Indeed, what a quandry that we would all revert to an embryonic state and that those embryo's would inevitably be destroyed. Would souls revert to living beings and thence to? What would religion sell in such circumstances?

I just can't believe it.