Religious leaders promote high birthrates:

for their power and your misery.

Kelvin Thomson has drawn a link between excessive birthrates in Islamist Egypt and the present turmoil of that once grand nation. Of course it's true. But it's also true for many other parts of the Islamic world.

In his last book, "Billions & Billions", Carl Sagan discusses the "Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders" conference which was held in Moscow in January 1990. Sagan reported:

I remember the Grand Mufti of Syria stressing, to the surprise and delight of many, the importance in Islam of "birth control for the global welfare, without exploiting it at the expense of one nationality over another."
How hollow those words ring now in war-torn Syria.

But oh how true is the underlying insecurity that is implicit within the Mufti's words... That is the age-old game of using excessive reproduction as a tool to achieve religious conquest! (Or political conquest. Or military conquest.)

We MUST recognize the war that these people are waging. We must fight them on the beaches. We must fight them at every border! We must never give in!