Politician's Piss on Peace River

Indigenous people are being steam rollered, again. Christy Clark and baby Trudeau are building another hydro-electric dam on the Peace River. The developers call it "clean energy" but we should all know very well that it will cause massive environmental changes.

Of all the things that humanity has done to this planet, I'd say that the wholesale rearrangement of just about every dam-able waterway, on every continent bar Antarctica, ranks just behind the plundering of the oceans. Of course, both these outrages follow far behind farming which amounts to the wholesale destruction of the most productive natural ecosystems on land. The great wild herds slaughtered to clear the land for farming.

But then, much of the more modern farming has only been achieved by daming waterways and draining aquifers... So maybe those dams really should be ranked as number one in the ecocide hit-parade.

So why are the touchy-feely Liberals all gung-ho to build yet another dam. B.C.'s Energy Minister Bill Bennett says

"We're building this based on Statistics Canada's projection of a population growth of more than a million people in the next 20 years..."
So there you have it. The problem is population growth.

But our politician's are not being honest. This population growth is not inevitible. Fertilty levels in Canada have been below replacement levels since 1972...

Population growth in Canada has been entirely engineered by politicians. Liberals and Conservatives and NDP alike, they have all been hell bent on using immigration as a tool to raise population.

Mr Trudeau has a deliberate policy to raise population.

Mr Trudeau has deliberately chosen the path of ecocide.

Mr Trudeau chooses to run roughshod over indigenous ways.

Perhaps, in a fit of munificence, he'll toss the indigenous a little taxpayer coin by way of compensation. Never, never, never! Perhaps, one day, Trudeau will apologize on behalf of Canada. Never, never, never! Canadian's do not own the crime. The crime belongs only to the politician's who push population growth.