Sex in Sweden

Socialist Swedish (SS) pollies tell us that "Sex is not, and never has been a purely private matter" so they are launching an enquiry to figure out why Swedes aren't "doing it".

I suggest that the SS just ask Julian Assange. It's dangerous to have sex in Sweden. You run the risk of having the SS accusing you of a non-crime (that SS Swedes call "minor rape" but which our dildo North American media can't distinguish from "rape" of the real kind) and being dragged in front of a secret Kangaroo Court comprising an inquisitor judge siting with two retired SS politician's! Not to mention the very real threat of extradition to the USA where the Religious Right (RR) pollies are baying for Assange blood. Of course, the Canadian RR is no better, with that consummate arsehole Tom Flanagan calling for a contract or a drone strike to take him out!

So why does the SS make it its business to snoop around the bedrooms of Sweden? Ostensibly, it seems to be the opinion of the SS that the Swedes aren't making enough babies...

But why would the SS want more babies?

The least charitable reason is that the SS suffers from meglomania and delusions of grandeur: they need more Swedes to rule over. As though it's not enough to stuff 9.58 million suffering-souls into the Swedish rock-and-icescape. They long for the good old days, back when their population grew beyond what the land and technology of the time could support. Back when the Viking raiders ran amok.

The most charitable reason is pure stupidity. Perhaps the SS has fallen for the conventional economic dogma that population growth makes life better.

A farmer knows that you can only stuff so many cows on a paddock before they all end up starving.

An ecologist knows that it is good times that cause population to grow --- not population growth that causes good times.

Continued population growth:

It doesn't matter what sort of nutter they are --- left-wing religious, right-wing religious, anti-secular, socialist dope-head, right-wing cut-throat capitalist, my shit doesn't stink --- they all push population growth and they are all the friends of poverty and war and the enemies of freedom.