Comment on the "Now-or-Never" Report

My impression of Nova Scotia is that it suffers from too much uncritical, uninformed group think. Indeed, there is barely a sliver of sunshine to separate the policies of the three major political parties. Predictably, the "Now-or-Never" report stands firmly within the standard dogma.

All three provincial parties campaigned on a policy of population growth as the solution to all our worries. "Now-or-Never" does the same. This is just the same-old-same-old policy that politician's have always promoted. Not one datum exists to support this dogma.

The evidence is quite to the contrary. It is economic growth which fuels population growth.

This was seen in the 1950's and 60's. Then, the economy grew very fast indeed. Population grew fast as well, but not so fast as the economy. The net result was increased well-being.

Since 1979 the world has become resource limited. Globally, well-being has slowly declined since 1979. Since 1979 the advantages gained from technological and scientific innovation have been dissipated by increasing population. Globalization has forced us all to compete for limited resources. Nova Scotia has gone slowly backwards (in spite of massive transfer payments). Worse, Nova Scotia has not recognized this long-standing problem. In order to sustain unprofitable ventures and give an illusion of prosperity, successive governments have massively burdened the province with debt and unaffordable numbers of government employees.

"Now-or-Never" confuses cause with effect. It promotes a view that population growth will cause us all to become more wealthy. No. Population growth will NOT improve well-being.

Failure to recognize this basic reality underscores all the dumb policy decisions that have made Nova Scotia a debt-ridden Province. "Now-or-Never" is just the latest feel-good pill to be taken on the path to oblivion.