Obama Trumps Trump

I listened to this Obama interview.

In the introduction to the interview, Obama talks about the briefings by his top science adviser, John Holdren. John Holdren is a man who understands the problems caused by continued population growth and has done research and advocacy about the issue. Holdren would understand that climate change is a symptom of our insanely large population. Yet, Obama has consistently advocated for increased population and increased consumption --- both of which are at the heart of causing climate change.

Either Holdren is not being honest with his advise to the President or the President has not been honest about the advise that he has received. (My money is on Holdren being the more honest man.) At no stage during the above interview does Obama even mention the role of population. Indeed, Obama lies (unless he's just genetically stupid, like Trump). Obama attributes to climate change the problems that are directly caused by continued population growth.

Obama tells the silent lie, just like Scientific American. Hillary Clinton is not only a silent liar, she uses her power to silence those who would tell the truth.

Trump is different from Clinton and Obama in 2 important ways:

  1. Trump denies both climate change and the impacts of continued population growth. That, at least, makes Trump consistent in his ignorance whereas Clinton and Obama are well-informed liars.
  2. Trump has the excuse of being poorly educated and genetically stupid.
Pity the poor American voter: either a moron as President or a deliberate, conviving liar...