Wolfville Town Council Wants to Know

In the pursuit of happiness and the illusion of freedom, I'd almost managed to forget where I lived. True, the Wolfville Council election was an unavoidable blip that caused some consternation but otherwise, nirvana, productive days spent thinking and restful nights spent sleeping.

Then someone in the household made the mistake of going down to the Post Office and bringing home a letter from Wolfville Council.

It's time to renew your Dog License. Your annual fee is $25.00
Help keep your pet safe by purchasing a license today.
"Help keep my pet safe"? What a bald-faced lie! The only thing my dog has to fear is being nabbed by some self righteous dickhead who gets his/her kicks putting puppies in the Municipal pound. Then the price for doggy freedom is set at $200, according to a friend whose poor pooch had been held for ransom in that dreadful doggy dungeon. This $25 is nothing but a protection racket.
Wolfville Council sinks more low
Than any Mafioso thought to go.

Well, it's only $25 for a magical high-tech clip-on to keep my doggy safe from Council-inspired neighbourhood villianary. True, that damned tag got tangled and almost strangled him when he was a pup. True, the damned tag causes dermatitis where it bounces against his throat. I'd prefer to pay the $25 and have Councillors wear a collar and dog tag. See how they'd like it 24/7. Just so long as I don't have to pay for their veterinarian bills.

A trip was made to the municipal orifice and, while waiting to hand over the protection money, I spotted a pamphlet:

THE BUDGET It's Yours. Be Heard!
No it isn't. If it was really mine you wouldn't have taken my money in the first place. And I've said so before. Whether or not I've been heard is a total unkown because my words have never been acknowledged, except to sool the property assessor onto me and collect more taxation as punishment for speaking truth to power.

Regardless, I'll take one more bite at the municipal apple bob and see if I get anything better than a wet face for my efforts. Under Operating Budget we have:

Under Capital Budget we have: Under "Tell Us More" I'll tell you how I'd spend a dollar. Anyway, as though all this wasn't enough, we also got our annual instruction about "Living in Our Community". Fresh from the press, compliments of: Wolfville Town Council, Acadia U, and ASU. Give me a break. Fire whichever bureaucrats and politician's think that they should tell the rest of us how to suck eggs.

And then, the most recent egg-sucking insult arrives with the mail. The Town of Wolfville asks:

Did You Know???
The Town of Wolfville has enacted Bylaw 93, known as the "Idling Control Bylaw" The general provisions [sic] of the bylaw is that "No person shall cause or permit a vehicle to idle for more than three (3) consecutive minutes in a sixty (60) minute period" [sic] within the Town of Wolfville".
Unnecessary! Pointless piffle! Who on earth can afford to waste fuel? What with petrol prices being as they are and property taxation going up like a Saturn V. Council Offices may be nice and warm but the rest of us freeze to save costs on heating fuel. Self-aggrandizing, nanny control-freaks smile smuggly.

Apparently reason given for this idle bylaw is

"According to the Nova Scotia government, if 1,000 drivers avoided idling for three minutes a day, it would reduce fuel use by almost 25,000 litres a year, saving approximately $25,000 annually and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by over 59,000 kilograms per year."
Being an honest scientist, I can only agree with Al Bartlett:

If any fraction of the observed global warming
can be attributed to the actions of humans,
then this, by itself, constitutes
clear and compelling evidence
that the human population, living as we do,
has exceeded the Carrying Capacity of the Earth,
a situation that is clearly not sustainable.

As a consequence it is AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH
that all proposals or efforts
at the local, national or global levels
to solve the problems of global warming
are serious intellectual frauds
if they fail to advocate that we address
the fundamental cause of global warming
namely overpopulation."

Is there an honest (wo)person ANYWHERE in the: Municipal, Provincial, or Federal Governments of Canada? Or USA?
Meet the ONLY honest politician on the planet.