"Sustainable Community", bye bye baffle gab?

In an earlier missive I opined that I will live long enough to see "sustainability" disappear into the black-hole of unfashionable governmental baffle-gab and tired buzz words. Actually, I was being fascitious --- I never really thought I would live long enough to see bureaucracy make sense.

A miracle has happened. Councils in England and Wales have been given a list of 100 "non-words" that they should avoid. Like Moses on the mount, but ten times over, The Local Government Association has set British ratepayers free from:

and other twaddle.

All that, and I've only got one toe in the grave.... Perhaps I shouldn't celebrate. After all, it's only the British Pollies who have seen the light. There is hope. The lords and masters of the fair Town of Wolfville have a flair for being first on the bandwagon --- perhaps second place will be good enough for them this time round? First in Canada is still up for grabs!

Regardless, the Brits energized me so much that I just had to take my bicycle for a quick spin on the dykes. And a wonderful time I had. Those farm tracks are the best public service in or out of town; farmers take a bow.

Speaking of public service, I'm reminded of a recent email in which Bob Wrye says:

Fair enough. So I have a few questions:
  1. Who on Council will follow the British lead and toss the Municipal Planning Strategy, and other baffle gab, out of the fair town of Waffleville?
  2. Who on Council is proud of the exhorbitant taxes they charge?
  3. What action do Councillors propose in order to reduce those taxes?
  4. Do you really think your "Welcome to Wolfville Tax" is fair?

I don't expect much in the way of answers. After all, in Wolfville it's the public and businesses that do the serving --- great gobs of money to an engorged bureaucracy.