Rocket Science: what goes up, just keeps going up!

CAO and Wolfville Town Council are charging up a storm, again. Yep, we're paying more tax in 2009 than ever before. So how much more money are YOU making. Well, unless you work for Council, probably not much.

Who wrote that budget? It's a bunch of deceptive clap trap. Pages of nonsense trying to whitewash the cruel reality of another tax hike by selling a cock-and-bull story about tax rates. You'll find the biggest lie of all in the "Executive Summary" on page 5: The residential tax increase due to assessment growth ... blah blah blah Hey, lame-brains, taxes don't increase because of "assessment growth". Taxes increase because Council, Staff, and Special Interest Groups just L-O-V-E to spend more and more and more of your money.

I'm disgusted at the way that the "Executive Summary" whines on and on about how the smaller tax-rate causes a reduction of the "grant in lieu of Acadia U paying taxes". Of course, the spend-thrifts on Council never miss an opportunity to blame it all on Acadia U. Why not tell the people how the PVSC (property assessors) profit by bumping up assessments of our property values? I'll tell you why, because the deceptive clowns who write this budgetary nonsense also seek to profit by inflating property values. It's interesting how these numbers in the "Executive Summary" are presented as though they are mandated budget increases. Some of them probably are --- but others are certainly discretionary. Even mandated cost increments should not just be accepted without a fight. If the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board wants to jack up their bill by $67k then we should deduct the $12k cost of the Crosswalk Guards from the money we pay them.

I've not got time to give the entire budget the rubbishing it deserves. I can, however, direct you to a few points that I have raised elsewhere.

The inclusion of the Town of Wolfville Organizational Chart in the 2009 budget is a big step in the right direction. I've said it before --- seven directors for a tiny little town! Well I'm sick and tired of paying so much to be so over directed.

The Hospice charges: YOU pay!

Now I couldn't make it down to the Tuesday 26 May 2009 meeting of TOW Council. It's not that I don't have a few suggestions about how to redirect Council from it's usual spend-a-buck-mode. I've just been too flat out like a lizard with other things. Besides, attending a Council meeting usually costs me a couple of sleepless nights. A man's nervous system can only tolerate a certain amount of foolishness.

Perhaps it's just as well I wasn't there. It seems that a bunch of Hospice Builders descended, like a plague of locusts, to strip-mine the pockets of the long-suffering taxpayers of the woefull Town of Waffleville. Apparently, they expect Wolfville Taxpayers to build them a Hospice in some other town!!! It's enough to make a man contemplate euthanasia. Come to think about it, wouldn't euthanasia be a less expensive and more humane option?

Everyone has their own idea of what Government should be doing for them. I'd like Council to dredge Wolfville Harbour and build a boat ramp. Oh, that's right, we used to have a boat ramp --- until our Lord and Master, The Mayor, got rid of it and filled in half the harbour. Look, I'm not asking Council to build me a boat ramp. I'm asking Council to keep the special interest groups off my back. For crying out loud, let me decide which SIG's I fund!