Exposing the Evil of Economists

Tim Worstall wraites in Forbes Magazine that it is easy enough to solve the problem of e-waste. Tim thinks it is an odd thing for Treehuggers to complain about:
"but the unfortunate truth of e-waste recycling is that an estimated 50-80% of collected electronics end up getting exported to developing nations. This trend of exporting our e-waste means that we’re also exporting all of the toxic effects of the materials to places with extremely lax regulations for health, safety, and the environment."
Rather, Tim chortles the virtue of:
"sending that collected waste away offshore to be processed" in "those poor countries that labour delighted to work for $1 an hour exists".

Ah, now I know why those evil economists are so keen to drive population higher and higher in our increasingly resource-limited world. It ensures there will always be an oversupply of labour which they can exploit for a buck a day!