All Candidates Debate, Festival Theatre, Wolfville, 30 Sept 2015

Well, I did wonder if I couldn't just skip the all-candidates debate this time round. After all, I went to the debates down at the Festival Theatre during the last two election cycles. Both times I came away with a sore arse and an earful of the same-old same-old.

This time round the event is being sponsored by: Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce, Transcontinental Media, and the Acadia University Students Association. Since they are the sponsors, they get to ask the questions. OK, two questions from the audience will be drawn out of a hat.

That's the great thing about democracy, the pundits and plutocrats set the agenda. They ask their, yawn, questions. The candidates regurgitate their, yawn, Party-talking-points. Most people are happy with that arrangement, it saves them the trouble of assembling an independent thought of their own.

Me? You ask "How this state of affairs makes me feel"? It just pisses me off.

I don't expect to hear any nonsense that I haven't already heard. Still, there is a slim chance that the candidate for the Rhinoceros Party might amuse. And we have a couple of wild cards, the independent candidates: Edd Twohig and Clifford James Williams.

The question that I'd like to ask is "The Everything Question". The way we address the everything question determines many things. It determines whether most people will be well-off or dirt-poor. It determines environmental degradation in all its guises, from ocean acidification to water scarcity and desertification. It determines the destruction of natural ecosystems and extinction of species. It determines systemic human poverty. It determines the meanness of government. It determines judicial unfairness and penal excesses. It determines aggressive warfare. It determines the loss of personal freedoms.

The Everything Question is:

Why do all political parties aggressively promote population growth when resources and available technologies are inadequate for the present population?

If 35 million isn't enough for Canada, how many more?

If 7+ billion isn't enough for this planet, how many more?

And don't you dare give me that bullshit about Canada being sparsely populated. David Suzuki got it absolutely right, Canada is overpopulated. Enormous resources are required to sustain a respectable standard of living for the people already occupying this frozen wasteland.

It must be noted that the party leaders are not huge baby-pushers in their private lives:

OK, all but Liz have done more sprogging than the Canadian average, but not excessively so. Only Justin Trudeau stands out as a bit of a reproduction hog.

My bet is that most of our would-be prime ministers have a deeply-hidden analytical brain cell which whispers to them that population growth cannot continue without ever more adverse consequences. But they, like so many others, are hopelessly conditioned by growth-biased propaganda.