Did they pass high school?

I've held drivers licences from: New Zealand, New York (USA), British Columbia, Newfoundland, Victoria (Australia), Melbourne (Australia), and they made me take yet another test to get a drivers license for Nova Scotia!

Well, I can live with that --- but the following was just too much.

The Nova Scotia Driver's Handbook states (page 51)
"Your moving vehicle develops a force called momentum".
Sorry, momentum is not a force.

Isaac Newton published a more believable account of force and momentum in 1687.

The drivers handbook is published under the authority of the Minister of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations.
It seems that ministerial authority is a contradiction of terms.
Does muddleheadedness of ministers explain the poor mathematical performance of Nova Scotian High School students --- or is it the converse?

Don't get me wrong, the drivers of country Nova Scotia are thoughtful and considerate --- the best I ever shared a road with.
Pity the pedestrians were never taught to look before they leap --- they better not vacation in Mexico...