A New Theory for Biology

Aaron Beswick is a journalist who writes stories for the Chronicle Herald. His latest story presents a new biological theory about fish kills at Nova Scotia's turbines.

Well, that may not be quite correct. Perhaps it might be more accurate to say that Aaron Beswick reports what Michael Dadswell opines.

Michael Dadswell worked for Fisheries and Oceans Canada for nine years and then became a professor in Acadia University's Department of Biology. Let's be honest, he is retired. So I guess that makes him a former professor?

Whatever, let's suspend any semblance of sense and put our trust in journalism, and retired professorial grey matter. As Beswick writes:

With regards to American shad, he [Dadswell] points to research acknowledged by Fisheries and Oceans that the turbine kills about 23.4 per cent of juvenile and 21.3 per cent of adult fish.

"The fact is DFO wrote this document and they don't have the brains to add the two numbers together --- come on boys and girls you're supposed to be fisheries scientists," said Dadswell.

"What stock is there where DFO allows you to take 45 per cent out of it annually?"

Nope, more likely that Fisheries and Oceans Canada have the brains not to add the two numbers together!

Hells bells, Dadswell would have you believe that if half the adults in your family died and half the children died then your entire family would be dead.

Beswick's a believer but the folks at Fisheries and Oceans Canada are probably still splitting their sides laughing.

Chalk one up for Donald Trump. Fake news!